Why am I confused and suffering?

As I asked myself in silence

I found choices are many

Whatever choice I take considering the benefits,

If it make me busy forgetting my lord and peace

What is the use? What is the use?

Surrendering unto the presence of lord

May the lord choose the best and,

Let my ego self dissolve into the compassionate presence

The only choice I made between peace and money is peace

For in peace, I feel my lord

Sometimes ego suffers and I feel sad

But the compassionate lord pick me up

For I’m lord’s more than lord is mine

Not knowing what is good for me,

May the lord choose and guide

Whatever it is and wherever it leads

May it strengthen the presence of lord in me

Beloved Witness

Before the formation of this body

In wakeful hours, dream and in sleep

Knowing through all states of body

The vigilant watcher and real owner

Being the one capable of communicating without noise,

Yet not heard most times due to noisy mind

Waiting patiently over timeless time to be sensed upon

Once through grace and love, drawn the mind towards it

In the ocean of compassion, mind dissolved

The treasure is found deeper in the heart

The beloved witness appeared bright in own light

Lord, the beloved witness gulped me –

Into limitless bliss……