I am 😊

In awake moments, I am the “vishwa”

In dream, I am the “thaijasa”

In deep sleep, I am the “praajna”

Even though I sleep, dream, and wake up,

I am the witness of these three states

One after other, they come and go

They arise in me and it seems like I am identifed with them

Yet, subtly, as a witness, I watch their coming and going

Various activities associated with these states also comes and goes

Even though it seems I identify with them, I remain unaffected by them

For I am the base in which, these all happens

I’m thus the fourth, “thureeya”

8 thoughts on “I am 😊

  1. I love this. Recently I had an experience where I actually became the observer of myself and I was in complete awareness that it was happening. I want to be in that state more often.

    1. Beautiful dear Mary 😊 I would like to tell you to read “Be As You Are” by David Godman. Actually, we are that pure awareness. Our conditioned mind make us identify with the body and it’s emotions and we think we are body. We are really eternally pure, free and blissful awareness.

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