Gratitude to Body

Dear body, thank you for being with me

You are such a nice and loyal friend

Through light and dark days,

Through changes from birth,

You are still with me

Mindlessly, I have inflicted pain on you

Yet, you stood with me patiently

Love you dear body and sorry for the trouble

I will take time to relax and exercise to keep you healthy

I promise you dear, till I leave you,

I will care and use you mindfully

Thank you dear once again for being with me 😊

25 thoughts on “Gratitude to Body

      1. Thankyou Rajini. I am doing fine thankyou. It is good to see you here again. Thankyou for dropping by.

      2. Oh dear Mrishna. I am really sorry. I was just talking to Rajini, and I typed your name wrongly. Mimknew it was you, but got mixed up when typing. That was a terrible error. So sorry. Will you forgive me? Much love to you ❤️

  1. This is excellent. You’ve inspired me so much with this post. I will include such thoughts in my gratitude prayers from now on. I guess, I take things for granted and your post has given me awakening. Thank you.

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