Smiling Beauties 🌻

Kanikonna flowers

We are the daughters of sun

We bloom in sunny spring

We delight the eyes and heart

We are the smiling beauties

We spread smiles and love

From our hearts to yours,

Let the smile and love flow

Let them flow unconditionally, uninterruptedly 😊❀

Why is human quotient getting lost?

A very meaningful article to share with parents, elders and kids. Reblogged from It’s a very beautiful blog dear friends. You check her meaningful and beautiful writings and you will love it 😊 blessed day dear all

Sunnies My Bunnies:)

Running behind life,

Catching up breaths,

Aiming to make more and more,

Are we forgetting less is more?

Wandering between desks,

Staring at our screens,

Struggling with our dreams now bigger,

Are we missing on life’s little treasures?

Boasting of being connected,

Thousands of emails to check,

Hours spent texting and messaging,

I ask,Are we really talking?

Phones talk on dinner tables,

Mental maths has taken a toll,

Gadgets have replaced family values,

The question remains, Are we even caring?

Now eyes don’t meet in person,

Neither is laughter shared in real,

In pursuit of higher Intelligence

Are we ignoring the Human essence?

When humans remain no human,

Technology replaces emotions,

Grannies don’t tell stories any more,

Kids ask questions to β€œAlexa” more.

I know it all, thanks to Google,

The mind has forgotten to doodle,

Life’s become so dependent,

And we call ourselves independent.

In pursuit of higher IQ

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Another poem for Angel boy

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Dear one, love, love, love

May the love be the light that lead you

Like an ever flowing river, let it flow freely

From hearts to hearts, let it flow

Let it not get stagnant by the thought that –

Possessing someone is love

It’s just one form of love, grow from there

Find the love in heart

Not in between thighs of your partner

Not in the fleshy beautiful body parts

Dissolve the ego that you can give someone love –

By marrying him or her,

Or by sharing your body with him or her

You may feel you give them pleasure,

But only if he or she likes that from you,

Else, it’s just a selfish act

There’s nothing wrong in love making,

When you have a partner and enjoy it together,

but remember to love yourself and grow, grow

Grow into universal love

May your future partner helps you to grow in love,

And not to bind you in bodily love

Remember the partner you chose has the same freedom as you,

To be in a relation or single

May the worldly people not blind your eyes

May the colours of media and romantic poems and films –

Not mesmerize your pure heart of love

May it never loss your energy to learn and earn a living

Intelligent angel boy, calm down and think πŸ™‚

Open Path πŸ•Š

The path to freedom

The path of eternal bliss

It’s open to all always

It’s not an outer path to travel through senses

But, a path very much deep within

It’s above the senses and matter

It’s there always to those who opt to travel this way

When the five senses, mind, and ego dissolve in heart

The path is visible clear

Selecting the path within is an open choice available to all

Age, time, birth, gender, whatever they are, it doesn’t matter a bit

The intense feel for eternal bliss and freedom is what is needed,

And then ready to dissolve the personality in heart.

It’s always here dear ones

Choose it, use this moment lucky ones 😊

Wheat Flour ~ Life Saver…

Dear all, wheat flour can save our skins when we burn. This is a useful post by our dear Mercury twin. Please check this.


Always have a bag of flour handy in the kitchen and let everyone know where it is.

πŸ”₯This is a true life experience of a woman who burned herself ..πŸ”₯.

Some time ago, I was boiling corn and poured some cold water into the boiling water to see if the corn was ready. By mistake I dipped my hand into the boiling water …. !!

A friend of mine who was a Vietnamese veterinary doctor had come to the house. So as I howled in pains he asked me if I had a sachet of (wheat) flour at home. I poured out a bit and he put my hand into the flour and asked me to wait for about 10 minutes. He told me that in Vietnam there was a boy who once burned. With the fire on him and in panic someone poured a sack of flour all over…

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Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

Chanting the sweet names of lord and feeling the lord within heart

Chanting a little loud for plants, insects, birds and other beings to hear

Let the sweet namajapamritham flow from hearts to hearts

Let us all enjoy the sweet nectar of lord’s sweet namas

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

To All Young Men and Women

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She is your princess
She is your goddess
You are the fan of her curves
Her musky scented hairs are seductive
You admire her luscious red lips,
Buttery colored and soft skin
Oh her well-sculpted face, neck, arms and navel
Your words aren’t enough to describe them

Day and night, your mind is behind her
When she is sitting with you, you are in heaven
You proposed her with all the love in your heart
Senseing your admiration towards her and pure love,
She accepted you as her god
After much conversations, both parents agreed for wedding
Both of your dreams of living together came true
Your body and heart merged into one

After 10 months, she gave birth to your baby boy
The sweet fruit of your love
He is a sweet little angel with rosy cheeks
His skin is soft as butter like her
But he cries all the time for milk
Your beautiful goddess lost her sleep
Feeding the apple of eye, little baby
She doesn’t have time now to take care of you nor herself

You love her and baby and cared them after your job hours
After the child turned 1, you noticed-
your goddness developed dark circles
Her curves disappeared
Her slender navel didn’t came back to shape
She had stretch marks on her buttery stomach
Love handles developed on her sides
She started developing double chin

You wondered why this much changes occurred within one year
You asked her gentle “Honey, what happened to you?”
“Where is your beautiful curves and sculpted face?”
“Where is your pipal-shaped navel?”
“Why don’t you continue your beauty regimen and exercise?”
My friend’s wives are still young, slim and beautiful even after 3 years of marriage.
“Why don’t you take care of yourself?”

The princess, goddess answered him in just tears,
rolling down her motherly cheeks
More tender is her heart now with the birth of little one
Her heart turned butter which melts easily
She didn’t get words to answer
And the tears answered him for her
Did he understand her?
Did you understand her?

She is not a model
She is not a film star
She is your wife
She is the mother of your baby boy
She loves you, cooks tasty food for you
Saving your money, she didn’t ask for a house maid
Concerning about your health, she cooks healthy food for you
And avoids buying food from out even while she is busy
Do you understand her answer now young man?
Do you still love her like you loved her before your son’s birth?

This poem is prompted by the posts of a fellow blogger who writes beautiful romantic poetry. I just felt to write this for all young men and women πŸ™‚

Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

As the sun is about to set, I strolled through the garden. I had a slight headache due to heat. My eyes captured the sight of dried Butterfly pea flowers on the plant with few fresh flowers. Curious cook in me awoke. I collected a palm full of sun-dried butterfly pea flowers. I made it and sipped it after it cool down. My headache has gone with this beautiful drink. You too try this tea if you have Butterfly pea flowers (Sankupushpam in Malayalam) in your garden.

Fresh butterfly pea flower

Making of Tea:

Dried butteButt pea flowers – 10-15

Water – 150 mL

Put dried Butterfly pea flowers on a plate with some water and gently wash them twice to remove any dust. Put them in a vessel and pour 150 mL water to it and boil it. Once it boiled well, switch off the flame. Keep the tea in the vessel closed with a lid for 15 minutes so that the bluish pigments from flowers seep into the water. Then you can strain the tea and drink it lukewarm or after cooling down. Since it’s hot time, I drank it once it cooled down well. I drank it as such without sweetness in order to get the benefits well. You may add honey for sweetness. This tea is calming, relaxing and detoxifying and is rich in antioxidants.

Peacefully starry night dear all πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ΌπŸŒŒ