To All Young Men and Women

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She is your princess
She is your goddess
You are the fan of her curves
Her musky scented hairs are seductive
You admire her luscious red lips,
Buttery colored and soft skin
Oh her well-sculpted face, neck, arms and navel
Your words aren’t enough to describe them

Day and night, your mind is behind her
When she is sitting with you, you are in heaven
You proposed her with all the love in your heart
Senseing your admiration towards her and pure love,
She accepted you as her god
After much conversations, both parents agreed for wedding
Both of your dreams of living together came true
Your body and heart merged into one

After 10 months, she gave birth to your baby boy
The sweet fruit of your love
He is a sweet little angel with rosy cheeks
His skin is soft as butter like her
But he cries all the time for milk
Your beautiful goddess lost her sleep
Feeding the apple of eye, little baby
She doesn’t have time now to take care of you nor herself

You love her and baby and cared them after your job hours
After the child turned 1, you noticed-
your goddness developed dark circles
Her curves disappeared
Her slender navel didn’t came back to shape
She had stretch marks on her buttery stomach
Love handles developed on her sides
She started developing double chin

You wondered why this much changes occurred within one year
You asked her gentle “Honey, what happened to you?”
“Where is your beautiful curves and sculpted face?”
“Where is your pipal-shaped navel?”
“Why don’t you continue your beauty regimen and exercise?”
My friend’s wives are still young, slim and beautiful even after 3 years of marriage.
“Why don’t you take care of yourself?”

The princess, goddess answered him in just tears,
rolling down her motherly cheeks
More tender is her heart now with the birth of little one
Her heart turned butter which melts easily
She didn’t get words to answer
And the tears answered him for her
Did he understand her?
Did you understand her?

She is not a model
She is not a film star
She is your wife
She is the mother of your baby boy
She loves you, cooks tasty food for you
Saving your money, she didn’t ask for a house maid
Concerning about your health, she cooks healthy food for you
And avoids buying food from out even while she is busy
Do you understand her answer now young man?
Do you still love her like you loved her before your son’s birth?

This poem is prompted by the posts of a fellow blogger who writes beautiful romantic poetry. I just felt to write this for all young men and women ๐Ÿ™‚


29 thoughts on “To All Young Men and Women

  1. Love is so much sweeter and deeper than the physical. Isn’t it sad we glamorize the outside so much, when what really matters is the heart within. Thank you for this post! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. You have written a beautiful parable. Your words are powerful. The outer looks are just a shell of a sweet, precious, loving soul. The beauty of her love shines brighter than the sun. If only he could have the eyes to see what true beauty looks like.

  3. Yes, I understand you. It’s sad. The same happened to me….after four babies. But he lost interest way before that. He lost interest before we even married. He couldn’t even give me a decent honey moon. He cut it short, gave the money his Dad gave to him for our honey moon to another couple, and his wife didn’t even appreciate it….I suppose to get back to his lover quickly. And I did cook him tasty food, and used canola oil or olive oil, concerned about his health. And I went without a lot of luxuries like pretty things for my hair, and lots of clothes, and dates out on the town. And I looked forward to him coming home every day, just to be griped at for whatever he found wrong with the house, why I couldn’t keep house constantly clean like his mother who only had one child. Then I think I don’t even like roses anymore because of him.

    1. Hugs to you didn’t happened to me, but I have seen and heard the tears of few women among my friends and in family too. Recently when I have read some beautiful romantic poems written by a teenager, I appreciated him hearty. He contacted me through email and gave me a poem and said me to remake it. I remade it this way. Later, the boy written me he wanted to marry me and make me happy. I then wrote another poem named “Another poem to Angel boy” you may check that too. Prayers and much love to you. You are strong, stay strong for yourself. Do take time for what makes you happy and relaxed. Your husband or anyone in the world can’t never dim your beautiful loving heart. May he very soon realise your love and love you like the way you wish for. Hugs and love to you ๐Ÿ˜Šโค

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