Open Path πŸ•Š

The path to freedom

The path of eternal bliss

It’s open to all always

It’s not an outer path to travel through senses

But, a path very much deep within

It’s above the senses and matter

It’s there always to those who opt to travel this way

When the five senses, mind, and ego dissolve in heart

The path is visible clear

Selecting the path within is an open choice available to all

Age, time, birth, gender, whatever they are, it doesn’t matter a bit

The intense feel for eternal bliss and freedom is what is needed,

And then ready to dissolve the personality in heart.

It’s always here dear ones

Choose it, use this moment lucky ones 😊

17 thoughts on “Open Path πŸ•Š

    1. With bhakti and dedication, it’s accessible. At the start, it may seem tough, but with consistent, patient practice of focusing within, it will become easy 😊

      1. I am doing anlittle better today thankyou,nthough I have a chest infection! Still goung out later though to,listen to the birds. I just sit in the car for a while and listen. It is like heaven 😊

      2. Oh dear..take care. Is it very cold there in your home? Try some ginger tea with honey or pineapple juice in hot water with ginger and honey. They are good for chest infection

      3. That sounds really nice. Thankyou for the suggestion. Our home is warm si no problems. The weather here is much warmer now, too, and all the Soring blossom is out and the fliwers are coming. Though I cannot see them I have my hysband describe them to me 😊

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