Smiling Beauties 🌻

Kanikonna flowers

We are the daughters of sun

We bloom in sunny spring

We delight the eyes and heart

We are the smiling beauties

We spread smiles and love

From our hearts to yours,

Let the smile and love flow

Let them flow unconditionally, uninterruptedly 😊❀

58 thoughts on “Smiling Beauties 🌻

  1. Yeah the kanikonnas have arrived…my favourite people they are…they come with loads of happiness and cheer and just fill my heart with memories!!!
    But they come here definitely for their best friend UnniKrishnan…mine too…yours too… everybody’s best friend😍❀️❀️❀️

  2. Beautiful.. Love your blog. β™₯️
    I just wrote a new post would like if you could review that.. 🌸

    1. Thanks you dear 😊❀ I read in a story that these flowers are the waist jewellery of our beloved Krishna. Here in Kerala, we celebrate New year called Vishu and we put Kanikonna flowers and several other things in front of lighted lamp and Krishna 😊

  3. When words and picture works together, a good blog post is born πŸ’™
    Kanikonna brings good memories of Vishu and be radiance of all attractive krishna.

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