Flight of 3 doves

Three doves flying on the sky

“I” the forth formless witnessing the flight

The whitest, Satwa Guna flying peacefully

The white with few grey spots, Rajo Guna flying with vigour

The greyish, Thamo Guna flying with laziness

“I” the fourth, Thureeya just watching their flights each moment

They just fly in the vast sky without affecting the sky a bit

For an angelic boy

Image source: Google images

Oh my dear angelange, don’t worry

I’m not alone as I’m always resting in the heart of my lord

Haven’t you heard of Srivatsa on the heart of lord

There lives me always and here in my heart, lives my lord always

I’m not alone dear one, even if you see me alone

Look deep into my eye and see my soul

And you will find you too are lord’s precious like me πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‡

Flourishing of Love

Through the airplane window on my way to Jagannath Swami last July

May the love flourish in us

Each day, may the love grow

Let it grow gently, beautifully

Even though gentle, let it be strong

Let it be stable like the lamp in windless room

Let it glow and glow and flow from hearts to hearts

We are all connected through love my dear ones

Just take a look into your heart, and experience it dears πŸ˜Šβ€πŸ•Š

My lord

Tirupati Balaji – Google images

Drinking the nectar of devotion,

What else should I wish my lord?

Having you eternally in the heart,

What more I need my lord?

Acting in Divine Drama

Sky at dusk

Always in the strong embrace of lord,

What more I need?

Just travel the path in front as shown by lord

Let all karmas exhaust in the divine grace

Oh mind and body, act well in divine drama

Never bother about the audience

Sometimes they applaud, sometimes not

I have nothing to gain, nothing to lose

I just watch the drama joyfully with lord

Choose the Path

Cowardness to the unrealities of world

Bravery towards the permanence of innate divinity

It’s a path of real freedom

Let the ones with open eyes and heart get benefitted always and always

Are you ready to leave?

Meaningful writing about life and death by dear Susana Cabaco πŸ˜ŠπŸ™β€

Susana Cabaco

Are you ready to leave

Have you resolved yourself, your relationships, your issues to a point you feel ready to leave? Have you freed yourself from past limiting mindsets/creeds/beliefs in such a way you feel an embodiment of a free spirit? Have you know thyself and get acquainted with who you really are so you can move forward towards a new state of being?

I encourage you, as I encourage myself, to do it with no delays, because in a blink we may find ourselves on the other side. Suddenly, we may realize that we have already changed worlds and there is no turning back. Opportunity taken or missed, as everything else in life. Postponing it is an excuse not an ally. Dwell in yourself deeply, heal yourself intentionally, awaken yourself constantly. Live out of awareness. Be awaken enough to avoid creating new issues. Be resolved enough to easily detach and leave. Be prepared enough…

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