Dear Women, Men, and Transgenders, Please Read

Please please please listen,

Children are gods, children are precious angels, please love them, please be kind to them. If you don’t have patience to raise a child, don’t hurt him or her, know that it is better to leave the baby at Amma Electronic thottil (Ammathottil). It is open 24 hours, you can leave the baby in the cradle without losing your dirty idenity. The following is its address:
Amma Electronic thottil (Ammathottil)
Model School Road
Housing Board,
Thycaud, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695014
Phone number: 0471 232 4932

You may contact Kerala State Sisu Kshema Samithi too at 0471 232 4939 for details about leaving older children safely.

I just took today’s Malayala manorama newspaper in hand and read the headline of the piteous death of a child after abuse. It’s done by her own mother and 2 similar other incedents to kids in Kerala. I couldn’t read more as my eyes got blind with tears and felt pain in chest.

Dear women, if you have any depression, anger or any other emotions, treat it at the earliest and never allow it pile up and then show it on your innocent child. Depression after childbirth is common, but it is treatable. I am telling you frankly, if you don’t want a child, use birth control measures and enjoy the dirty pleasure, but please don’t gave birth to a child and hurt him or her. If you have child and you feel the child as a disturbance for your extramarital affairs or illegal affairs, please leave the child at Ammathottil or Sisu Kshema Samithi and get lost yourself in whatever you want, but never touch the child with the feeling of hurting him or her.

Realise there are lots of couples here around the world, praying years and years for child and doing expensive treatments. Lots of these couples or even single people who have compassion, patience and pure love for children adopt the children and give them a very good life. From Sisu Kshema Samithi, lots of children are being adopoted to different parts of world and they are living happily.

***Disclaimer: I am not supporting illegal affairs or extramarital lifestyle, but I am writing this on behalf of all children and all those who love children.

11 thoughts on “Dear Women, Men, and Transgenders, Please Read

  1. Thank you for this post. It is heartbreaking to read it for me and i too have tears now in my eyes. How beautiful are little innocent children and how our hands love to hold and caress them? It is beyond tragic to hear about such incidents. May Lord bless and protect the innocent and grant peace and wisdom to hearts of all elders. Thank YOU for your light and pure love.

  2. Well said Krishna. I feel for these poor children. I hope that your words have some effect. I was not wanted and was badly abused all my life by my mother. My sister too, says that she wishes she had been adopted. My mother tried to kill me as a child, but I am still here to tell the tale! Nothing can kill me in the end. I pray for these poir children Krishna ❤️❤️❤️

      1. Absolutely dear Mrishna. We pray for innocent children who do not deserve this, ❤️

  3. Even reading this, I was on the verge of tears. It’s a shame how mothers treat their own children like that! 😣

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