Tea Poem 😊

I’m studying tea tasting and a short poem born in my mind 😊

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I start the day with Earl grey
It keeps me energetic for the day
In the mid-day, I may sip green tea
It improves my metabolism
And keep me focused calmly
In the evening, green tea with rose and mint I drink
It soothes me and helps me with metabolism
At night, chammomile is my bedtime drink
It works gently to welcome sleep

Learning the magic of tea with the mind of an Alchemist 😊

Surrounded by Blessings

Dwelling in the heart of every being

Lord is blessing us each moment

Diversity is just an illusion

Look beyond the form silently

See and experience the bliss

Everything acts in divine will

Focusing on lord in everything,

Minutes, hours, and days will pass

And, godly soul remains blemishes, blissful, effulgent

We are all one and always surrounded by blessings dear ones 😊

Unshakable Love

Dearest Pat Cegan’s beautiful poem of God’s love. Thank you dear Pat πŸ™‚

Source of Inspiration

β€œI lost everything”
no matter what
the disaster
we still have God’s love
things can be replaced
or, if not, we can learn to
live without them

There is nothing
that separates us
from God’s love
except our own
turning away
even then He is
patiently walking for our return

God’s love is true
God is love

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Shining World – Gentle Reminder

Every being is pure and beautiful as it is

No one is impure or cruel here

Why then we see problems in world?

It’s that some forget who they are,

It’s that some forget what they have

From micro to macro beings, it’s that, that alone

Once each one realise their blissful nature,

World will shine bright and beautiful

Everyone finding within themselves what is to be found

It’s so simple, it’s already within our hearts and not outside

It’s just as simple as a gentle breath

Together we make the world shine dear ones

When each being shine with their inner divinity,

World will shine bright and beautiful as we are all connected

This is just a gentle reminder dear ones 😊

Nothing, yet Something πŸ˜Š

I asked myself who am I

Mind responded, “child of God”

Consciousness in heart responded “dive deep in”

Focusing on breathe, I dived deep into heart

I found nothing, everything disappeared there

No light, no darkness, yet something there to experience lack of light

It’s nothing, yet something

It’s the light which helps to recognise light and everything

Moving through universe like in a long dream

Stillness is guiding, something is working

Calling lovingly that something my beloved lord

Nothing, but something and everything is that, that alone 😊