Tea Poem 😊

I’m studying tea tasting and a short poem born in my mind 😊

Image source: Google images

I start the day with Earl grey
It keeps me energetic for the day
In the mid-day, I may sip green tea
It improves my metabolism
And keep me focused calmly
In the evening, green tea with rose and mint I drink
It soothes me and helps me with metabolism
At night, chammomile is my bedtime drink
It works gently to welcome sleep

Learning the magic of tea with the mind of an Alchemist 😊

34 thoughts on “Tea Poem 😊

    1. Thanks dear Nimish 😊❀ I’m learning tea tasting, health benefits of tea etc. and I feel it very much interesting how different teas gives us energy changes 😊

      1. Great πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ I am learning about different teas. I will taste them one by one and write about it in coming days

  1. What a refreshing poem, this has turned me to a tea lover, really liked it. – Cezane

  2. Wow!! Before reading this, I didn’t know that poems can be refreshing too!😁😁 Such a cute lovely poem!

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