My Joyous meeting with White Tea

White tea with Wild rose petals – White Tea from Sancha Tea Boutique

Like a fresh dew drop from rose petal,

It touched my tongue

Tender aroma of white tea linked with rose,

Danced on my palate

I absorbed the calmness of tender tea buds

My senses now are fresh as the rose

37 thoughts on “My Joyous meeting with White Tea

  1. I drink white tea once in a while. I absolutely like it. The aroma is heavenly 😊

      1. Sorry I’m so late in responding, Krishna, I’ve been out. I don’t think I have had white tea but the way you describe it, I will definitely try some. I usually drink Earl Grey.

      2. Okay dear 😊 I love Earl grey to start the day with in the morning. White tea I prefer taking mid morning or late evening. You will love it especially when it is flavored with rose

      3. Hi Krishna, I got some white tea today. Our local health shop only had one in. It has Fennel and Peppermint in it and it’s lovely and mellow. I find some of the flavoured teas can be a bit overpowering, but I like this one. I think I will have to go online to get the one you wrote about

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