My Joyous meeting with White Tea

White tea with Wild rose petals – White Tea from Sancha Tea Boutique

Like a fresh dew drop from rose petal,

It touched my tongue

Tender aroma of white tea linked with rose,

Danced on my palate

I absorbed the calmness of tender tea buds

My senses now are fresh as the rose

37 thoughts on “My Joyous meeting with White Tea

      1. Sorry I’m so late in responding, Krishna, I’ve been out. I don’t think I have had white tea but the way you describe it, I will definitely try some. I usually drink Earl Grey.

      2. Okay dear 😊 I love Earl grey to start the day with in the morning. White tea I prefer taking mid morning or late evening. You will love it especially when it is flavored with rose

      3. Hi Krishna, I got some white tea today. Our local health shop only had one in. It has Fennel and Peppermint in it and it’s lovely and mellow. I find some of the flavoured teas can be a bit overpowering, but I like this one. I think I will have to go online to get the one you wrote about

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