Illusions by Mind

Positive energy and negative energy are just illusions created by the mind. Relaxing and focusing within and feeling the energy oneself, negativity and positivity will disappear. Just be gentle, don’t push hard, accept the irritation felt in body and breath when facing a difficult situation, person, or places. No need to resist, just watch, experience it and turn attention within the heart slowly, slowly, gently with deep mindful breathing. That particular difficulty is a beautiful opportunity to experience the self, use it wisely. Bath in the blissful water of self. Bathe in the effulgence of self. Enjoy the bliss. It is here in the heart, it’s experienced in this moment. It’s the source of all energies. It’s the light of all lights. It’s me, it’s you. We all are it, it only….. feel it, enjoy it, be it dear ones 😊

Enjoy the soulful music….

16 thoughts on “Illusions by Mind

  1. A grand start to the day! Beautiful musical treat! Thank you for you lovely post . Such resounding resonances of soulful illusions are truly welcome .🙏

  2. Thank You so very much, Krishna!!! This is beautiful food for my heart. Ahhhh. Nice to be here. And the music is so peaceful. Perfect. 💖🙏🏼☀️🤗😊

      1. My journey started with his teachings. He really helped me transforming my self sabotage thinking patterns into Emptiness. ❤

        Thich Nhat Hanh – Osho* – Mooji – Sri Paramahansa Yogananda Ji – Sri Anandamayi Maa – Sri Krishna – Sri Ramana Maharshi.

        This should be the order of my Gurus. I love Ramakrishna Ji and Nisargadatta Maharaj, though I haven’t read their books – I already feel connected.

        Happy Guru Pournami! 🌝

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