Peace Begins With Us

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We all, from micro to macro beings share this beautiful planet. When we keenly observe a small plant, we can see lots of small creatures in it. It’s a habitat. Similar is with trees, soil, air, and water which are inhabited by lots of beings seen and unseen to human eyes. Selfishness of few mindless, heartless humans cause changes in the living habitats of all beings in earth. Over the last few years, we all in different parts of world are facing the impact of climatic variations.

Sad truth is we can’t stop earth’s reactions, we can’t predict earth’s reactions, we can’t predict disease outbreaks, but we can reduce the impact of climatic variations by mindful use of earth’s resources, using less plastics (plastic-free, it’s a funny drama – I will write about it soon), allowing rainwater to be absorbed by soil, not cutting trees, planting trees or at least plants and most importantly nourishing them not only on Environment Day. International Peace Day wishes to all. Let us be peaceful and compassionate towards ourselves and all beings in earth 🙂

Overcoming emotional turbulence 😊

Here is what I faced for the past three weeks:

From the second day of my joining, this person under whom I was working throw book in front of me to write notes which he dictates.

I am a newbie, open to learn, provided I am given correct instructions and time to learn. But, I can’t learn from a person who is harsh towards me on my doubts.

Per some people in company, he is a good person and this is his nature towards people under him and ones who are not very rich, and I have to hear it through one ear and give it off through other ear 😊

He is good enough to give me transportation on two days a week (thank you sir) where I have to sit in office in his freezy room in rainy days wondering what I could learn from seeing and hearing the phone calls he make for sales. He says I should learn from seeing and hearing. Okay I agree partially 😊

Per some people whom I talked to regarding his nature, told me to accept his egoistic nature and please him to work there (I wonder how).

Two weeks back, I got cold and cough and he told me I should stay away from him, else he catch my cold. I accepted it and kept a distance. My cold got better next day with few cups of dried ginger coffee. Next day, from other employees, I came to know he caught fever, vomiting and indigestion. He was leave for two days. Is it my mistake or almighty’s play?

One employee got a thrash on his hand for not remembering tea estate name with an aluminium tray which holds tea dust/leaves to compare tea appearance. The tray is light weight, but has sharp ends and he got a mark on his hand. It happened years back. The senior person reminds me every time in tea tasting room I will have the same experience if I make mistake in remembering tea estate name or not hold the tray properly (I can’t learn and focus in a fear inflicting environment). That employee didn’t react as he hardly needed the job.

I talked with management frankly about these as I feared I will get thrashed anytime and how I will react to it. They said me I should not take all these personally and leave happily. They paid me remuneration and I left for the good of me and company.

Except this particular person, all others were good to me. I have no hard feelings towards anyone or company. I am trying my best to overcome the emotional turbulence I faced due to this particular person.

Note: I respect the age of this person and his knowledge in tea. He is the best tea taster and is very important to company and tea industry. I am not saying his name or company’s name as I value them, their reputation and family. I can patiently forget this with time. Writing is my stress buster, so I am writing this down. Also, I want young people to know you may or may not face these type experiences in tea industry and it’s your choice to accept it and grow or react boldly and grow. Remember, we are citizens of independent India 😊