Peace Begins With Us

Image Courtesy: Google

We all, from micro to macro beings share this beautiful planet. When we keenly observe a small plant, we can see lots of small creatures in it. It’s a habitat. Similar is with trees, soil, air, and water which are inhabited by lots of beings seen and unseen to human eyes. Selfishness of few mindless, heartless humans cause changes in the living habitats of all beings in earth. Over the last few years, we all in different parts of world are facing the impact of climatic variations.

Sad truth is we can’t stop earth’s reactions, we can’t predict earth’s reactions, we can’t predict disease outbreaks, but we can reduce the impact of climatic variations by mindful use of earth’s resources, using less plastics (plastic-free, it’s a funny drama – I will write about it soon), allowing rainwater to be absorbed by soil, not cutting trees, planting trees or at least plants and most importantly nourishing them not only on Environment Day. International Peace Day wishes to all. Let us be peaceful and compassionate towards ourselves and all beings in earth 🙂

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