Eternal glowing light of Self πŸ˜Š

When I contemplated upon my touch of death experience yesterday, it revealed to me the power of eternal glowing light of self. During the moment between unconsciousness and consciousness, I saw darkness even while my eyes closed. I also had seen some light in between. That too while eyes closed. It is through the light of self I saw the darkness and also the light, though both can’t stay together. Light can’t stand in front of darkness nor darkness in front of light, but the light of self/soul can illumine even darkness which no other light can. Even when the mind and body suffered for almost an hour, the self remained unaffected and stayed in background witnessing those events. Feels thankful to the accupuncture therapist now to give me a chance to experience this which I wouldn’t have experienced otherwise 😊

12 thoughts on “Eternal glowing light of Self πŸ˜Š

    1. Having median nerve compression due to working in computer for long time. Undergoing physiotherapy now. Otherwise, I’m absolutely healthy dear 😊 Thanks for asking

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