Let Not The Fear of Nakedness Limit You :-)

I love traveling solo and enjoy things in my own way, sometimes in silence while sometimes joining a group which welcomes me. In my journeys, I met lots of beautiful people and learnt many things. Traveling solo made me more open, fearless up to an extend to raise the voice whenever needed, use the brain and heart equally and so on.

When I describe my solo travel experiences, few of the people among friends, family and also strangers whom I met during the travel try their ways to convince me to believe I am a woman and I have to care a lot while traveling alone. I accept the care behind their voice while I respectfully smile off the fear and limitation they are trying to inflict on me.

When hearing about staying in a hotel alone, even my own sister and best friend used to tell me to check cameras in the room. I really haven’t found any cameras in the rooms I stayed yet and I don’t believe if someone have to put a hidden camera, most of them have the intelligence to hide it well away from my eyes πŸ˜‰ When I think of hidden camera which tries to catch my nudity, I laugh. What is really in my nakedness? Do I have any extra organs than that of the mother, sister, daughter, or the wife of the one who put the camera to catch my nudity? Are my organs made of anything special other than flesh, fat, and blood? πŸ™‚ Do the person who enjoys the nakedness of other women feel the same pleasure on seeing the nakedness of his own mother, sister or daughter; do it arouse his genitals?

Sorry, I can’t fear hidden cameras and keep myself shut inside my home? I don’t fear my nakedness. This doesn’t mean I cover my body with less clothes and expose my skin to public nor I cover myself fully in clothes with only eyes exposed. I wear what is comfortable for me according to the climate of the place I am in and I also take care to dress up according to the place and people there.

I would like to say do not fear your nakedness. Do not limit yourself fearing the exposure of your nakedness through hidden cameras. All of our organs are made of same flesh, fat, and blood. Size and color of our organs differ, but composition is same only. The more we fear our nakedness, the more fear we create among our children, our friends, our sisters and we limit them. Dear brothers, uncles, male friends, you too please listen. Do not create fear of exposure of nakedness among your children, spouse, sisters, and friends. ACCEPT NAKEDNESS. Nakedness has divineness, it has purity, it has power. Digambaras of Jainism, Akhoris of Shaivism, Naga sanyasis are the best examples. Realise the truth and be free. Be strong and use common sense in daily life. When you see someone being blackmailed in the name of nudity, stand with them and give them courage to take the help of law. BE STRONG IN YOUR OWN SKIN. YOU WON’T LOSS ANYTHING THROUGH YOUR NAKEDNESS UNLESS YOU YOURSELF BELIEVE SO.

Naree Sthanabhara Nabheedesam
Drushtvaa Maaga Mohaavesam
Ethan Mamsavasaadi Vikaram
Manasi Vichinthaya Vaaram Vaaram

-Bhajagovindam (Sankaracharya)

On seeing bigger weighty breasts and navel of women, do not fall into lusty delusion. They are just flesh, fat, etc. Think this again and again.

Note: This is for women too who gets unnecessarily and abnormally infatuated on seeing nudity of men and other women.

10 thoughts on “Let Not The Fear of Nakedness Limit You :-)

  1. I must say… You are bold and beautiful than I think from your blogs…

    Literally I fell in love with you my sweet heart !!

    I’m super happy to find person like you..

    Waiting for such strong blogs
    Hugs& Love
    Nimmi 😊😊❀️

    1. Thank you so much dear πŸ˜Šβ€πŸ™ we have to be strong, bold, open and fearless. We can’t change the world, but we can change ourselves. Let the people see the change in us and they too change for the good 😊 Hugs and love to you too dear πŸ€—

  2. Everyone must know how to respect our body.. The outward beauty is a myth.. all these myths will be vanished if fall in disease.. and we must realize what will happen to our body after our death

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