Need your blessings dear ones 😊🙏

Pic: My first tea blend in handmade eco-friendly packaging

I always think how to reduce plastic use in day to day life and up to an extend, I am doing it. When reading about how plastics are polluting earth, I used to think what can we do from our part to reduce it. Compassionatea is my baby step towards plastic-free product.

This particular tea blend is made of CTC dust tea with cinnamon powder and clove powder and is named Metabolizer owing to its health benefits of increasing metabolism, acting upon breaking down fats, reducing blood sugar, helping to stay active in relaxed mode.

Along with my tea, I would like to spread the idea of plastic-free packaging of products among people. In India, we still need to work a lot towards making our country eco-friendly. From people to people, home to home, city to city, state to state, country to country and then in our earth, we can reduce plastic use if we think and act wisely. I won’t say to make earth completely plastic free as I learned it is nearly impossible until we get a cheaply available sustainable material to replace plastic. What we can do is reduce plastics in our daily lives as much as we can and avoid single use plastics completely.

While I was searching for packing material for this tea blend and formulating some value-added products from tea, I faced with issues of increased cost of eco-friendly packing materials. And, I started with this particular tea blend only as of now to see the market response towards my tea and also to the packing. It may not be catchy to the eyes of some tea lovers. I would like to say them humbly that it is a small step towards caring our environment, supporting handmade products and selling my tea 🙂

Frankly, for people doing microbusiness and small scale business, making their products plastic free is a real challenge depending on what product they sell, but I won’t say it is impossible. It is possible if we start accepting eco-friendly packing. It is possible if eco-friendly packing is available at nominal costs and both in small and large quantities. It is possible if we can pay a little more for eco-friendly products (those who can afford). It is possible if we can make our own eco-friendly packing materials.

Just a humble request to well-established companies in food and cosmetic industry: Please support eco-friendly and handmade packing. If need for such product is increased, production of such will be increased and people start developing positive attitude towards use of such products and method of packing.

Dear ones, I need your blessings, prayers and support to move forward with my tea business in eco-friendly way 😊🙏

Stay here 😊

Stay here, in this moment

Like a stone watching moving water

Like a sun watching moving clouds

Like a moon watching waxing and waning

Stay here, in this moment

Watch the movements of life

Stay stay stay…………….

Unity in Diversity

Jai Sriram Alhamdulillah Hallelujah 🙏

While some of you celebrate the success of Ayodhya verdict, I like to remind you about increasing abuses towards children and women, increase in violence, increase in suicide among youths, increase in use of drugs and alcohol, increase in relationship issues, increase in caste discrimination etc., the list goes on.

Our Indian law system with its many loop holes most times delay and deny justice to the needful and support politicians and rich people. When dharma (righteousness) suffer, Rama suffers. Remember Lord Ram is the most righteous one. He suffered a lot due to this from human point of view. He had to give up his country to respect his father. He had to give up his wife Sita for keep the king’s right. He had to give up his dear brother Lakshman to keep the promise. While he personally suffered, he stood strong in dharma. Can we call today’s India Rambhoomi???

If fellow citizens in a country suffer, whatever growth or success that country achieves, they are not real growth or success.

I am born in Hindu religion and Hinduism taught me to respect godliness in all beings and be compassionate, yet react strongly to injustice.

Jai Sriram Alhamdulillah Hallelujah 🙏

Happy Seeing You Dear 😊💖

Image courtesy: Google images

As I went to terrace today morning to water plants, I saw this beautiful sight for a second. A Minah bird drinking water from the pot I kept at terrace for birds. I didn’t get chance to took her photo, so I took this from Google images 😊 It was a happy moment seeing she flies away satisfied after quenching her thirst.

In Trivandrum, days are hotter now and we all beings feel the heat and I put water up in terrace for birds. Sometimes, I see the beautiful sight of ants drinking water. From the water droplets on the floor, they drink by forming a circle around the droplet.

May the mother nature care us all with her different moods 😊