Om namah shivaya 😊🙏

Though beyond colors, appear as blue

Though beyond forms, appear in all forms

Though beyond measures, appear vast as sky

Experiencing your presence within the heart,

I am drinking the sweet nectar of love

Who else can love me more than this

By being present always in heart without any distance

Living in a world of constant change,

It’s only in you I find constant bliss and peace

My dearest lord, kindly remove this separate identity very soon

Om namah shivaya om namah shivaya 😊🙏

Come Back Home My Dear 😊

“Come back home my dear”

Says sea to waves

They move forward with power,

Yet come back to the source peaceful

For they know the peace is within

Rest is within

Each breath is like waves

We take the breath

We expire it out,

But in between, there is a gap

A small one and there the rest is

There the peace is

Like the sea saying to waves,

Soul says to mind,

“Come back home my dear”

Enjoy the peace

Enjoy the rest 😊