Rainy Thoughts ⛈️

Flowing in little drops,
Rain, my dear, you cools us
Tired of summer sun,
We were waiting for you
But my dear, flow slowly and gently
Please don’t woke up the sleeping plants at night,
And the poor homeless ones
Hand in hand with thunder and lightening,
Please don’t harm anyone
Rain, my dear, we love you
We need you, but please be gentle on us

47 thoughts on “Rainy Thoughts ⛈️

  1. I was very happy last night and today morning to see the beautiful rain🌦️. But hearing the news about the devastating effect of rain cause terror in my mind.😰😱 Remembering those flood days😰. Let’s hope such incidents will not hit our land. You wrote it in a beautiful way.💚🌧️😊

    1. Yes dear, that is in my mind too. Reading about the upcoming storm in Maharashtra, I am praying for the safety of all out there. And it is raining heavily here than last year even when it is just the starting of monsoon. So, I requested the rain to be gentle 😊💕

  2. This is so sweet, Krishna! I will add my prayers to Yours! Gosh…and hurricane season has just started here….think I’ll send Your prayers to the storms as they come! Truly lovely! Sending huge hugs and wishes for the most beneficial rain for All! 🤗💕🙏🏼🌀🌧

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