Never Mess Up With Cats 😄 (Based on a real life incident)

I have a best friend. His name is Chip (he threatened me now for putting his original name, so before being called as pig, I’m just putting his nickname here 😄). He always call all animals as “pig” 😄. For example, if a crow disturb him, he will call it a pig. If a cat disturb him, he will call it a pig. If an ant or mosquito disturb him, he will call them pig too 😄

For so many years, cats are disturbing him beyond imagination. Cats used to pee on his shoes and sandals if he kept them outside. He was very disturbed on seeing cats doing this on his branded shoes. So, he was very careful and used to keep shoes and sandals inside home.

Yesterday, noon a silly cat pe’ed on his monitor! I couldn’t stop laughing hearing this. Now also I’m laughing while writing this. A cat pe’ed on computer monitor, Holy Moly! I asked him how it happened. He told me he used to keep windows closed in computer room and yesterday he opened a window and forgot to close it. A cat entered the room and pe’ed on it. I asked him how he know it’s cat. He said he knows the cat pee. Cats will spray pee. As he has earlier experience with cat’s mischievous behaviour, it would be true.

I asked him have he messed up with cat other than calling it “pig” and he said he didn’t do anything. I asked him, have he messed up with any cats in his life and he told he just beaten a cat while he was child using a newspaper and nothing else. I told him it may be the cat’s revenge. He said that cat already died years back. I told him cats have seven births and now the re-incarnated cats are taking revenge on him 😄

I told “Never mess up with cats again” 😄

(I’m an animal lover. I love furry animals in particular. I never tried to mess up with any of them)

37 thoughts on “Never Mess Up With Cats 😄 (Based on a real life incident)

    1. I will tell him you support him 😊 Don’t know why it actually happens with him. Cats always do like this. Here in my residential area, lots of cats are there, but none of them messed with any of us. But, for chip, wherever he go, there will be a cat to disturb him 😆 He even show funny faces to cats, maybe that too is a reason for their revenge 😂

  1. Oh my gosh!!! This is hilarious!!! I’ve been around cats my whole life and never have ever heard of one peeing on a computer!!! 🤣 Man!!! You may be right!!! That cat might be incarnating over and over and over to mark him with pee!!! Thanks for starting my day with laughter, Krishna!!! And my heart goes out to Your friend as that is one horrible smell!!! 🤣❤️🤗☀️💕

  2. That’s really funny and serious. 😂😂 Cats having seven birth and doing revenge in every birth seems threatening though funny. May be it can forgive silly punishments. 🤭😂

    1. 😄 incident happened yesterday again and he caught the picture of cat through hidden camera 😂😂 That hilarious cat doesn’t fear him and is pretty revengeful 😆

      1. OMG…. Cats do become fearless. In our apartment since lockdown three cats keep roaming around. They are so daring that they enter those houses who have dogs as their pets and pee in their bedrooms..
        Can you beat that 😇
        Because of Corona fear no animal shelter is coming forward also.

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