Few words From My Heart ðŸ˜Š

Sometimes, during our lifetime, we may get drawn towards spirituality. Sometimes it’s from birth too if you are lucky to be born in such a family. But, as you grow up and get involved with different phases of life and hearing experiences of different people, viewing various things in real life and through visual medias, from your own experience, etc., that spirituality grow or dwindle. At any moment, if you realize it, you have the choice to select whether to go with spirituality and make your own search or to give more attention to fulfill material desires and walk into spiritual life later. It’s your choice. It’s your freedom. But, after choosing the path to go, many things happen beyond our control. We meet different people, have different experiences both good and bad, etc.

After all, the goal is only peace, bliss, joy. For that, paths are different for different individuals as each one is unique. What is best for one may be worst for another. So, each one of us have to try which suits us best and hold onto it strongly.

As we travel through these paths, be aware that there will be many distractions. Only if we focus on our goal strongly and stand strong in our path, we would be able to overcome these distractions. Trust me, distractions can come from any direction at anytime. It might come from your parents, your friends, your teachers, your mentors or anyone. At that time, never ever give up, remember about your goal, pray according to your belief, distractions will clear up soon. Once you take a path, god, universe, consciousness, or what you call and believe in, will guide you. Just have the clear sense to identity it. That’s all dear ones.

Just felt to share what I felt in heart with you all 😊

May we all experience the eternal divine presence in heart. May we be always guided by divine powers dear ones 😊🙏💕

Om namo narayanaya

Om namah shivaya

26 thoughts on “Few words From My Heart ðŸ˜Š

  1. This is so beautiful Krishna. Yes, there will always be times when we are tempted to go off our path. But in the end we always have to come back to it, for if it is a true path, it is embedded deep within us and there is no way, in the end, that we can turn away from it. In the end it is all that will give us ultimate happiness. And not a worldly happiness that does not last. I loved reading this dear Mrishna. And I love how here, on WordPress, different faiths get together and just accpet each other. We are all aiming for the same goal. I am very very interested in your faith Krishna. I think we would find a lot of similarities.

    1. Yes dearest Lorraine 😊 It a blessing to connect with you all here. Lovely people with different faiths meeting joyfully in WordPress encouraging and supporting each other. May we always be divinely guided. Big hugs of peace to you dear

  2. Beautiful words Krishna , so full of meaning . Our goals and distraction and you are absolutely spot on that it can come from friends and family. Wish you success on the journey you have undertaken.

    1. It is actually not social media dear. Over attachment or insecurities of parents, spouses, friends, or teachers reflect on us. About the social media, we can choose to avoid it, but with our dear ones, it is actually difficult especially if the distraction comes from a dear and respect one 😊 Yes, surrendering to bhagavan and asking his guidance only is the way to face such situations in life.

  3. You just gifted the hugest SMILE, Beautiful Krishna!!! Thank You for this wonderful, unbelievably sweet, heart-felt reminder. Sending HUGE hugs Your way!!! Om Namah Shivaya!!! 🤗❤️🙏🏼💕😊

  4. Nice post 👍 life’s twists and turns, if we can stop and take a look at our past, can be interesting and overwhelming at the same time 🙂

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