Another Divine Bouquet From Krishna and Ram :)

With beloved in heart,
May each moment be blissful for you
Take a deep breath and look within
Feel the beloved always in heart
My beloved that shines and pulsates
Making my soul scream in ecstasy
With my heart a place of prayer
Every fibre of my being chanting my beloved name

Unbold part by Krishna and Bold part by Ram

20 thoughts on “Another Divine Bouquet From Krishna and Ram :)

    1. Thank you dear πŸ˜ŠπŸ™β€οΈ There is truly no him nor her..there is only that pure consciousness only, named by us through different names and imagined in different forms. It is truly beyond all names and forms

      1. I can understand dear, seventeen years before I got dhikshai and went stage by stage upto Brahmaganam. Listened many lectures read books and did more self analysis because I was young at that age I want to understand it clearly. I won’t tell any slogans or mathras his language is Silence. But I always respect other people’s views. I don’t want to hurt anyone because whatever whoever tells it is him or her the one creator or consciousness there is nothing except him.

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