Always One Only

Dear ones, another beautiful divine flow through us:

From undisturbed bliss,
Arise into the world
Flow gently through the tasks
Keeping the focus in beloved
There is no I ever
There is no you ever
There is just this Oneness
Divine Sacred Union
One Soul
One Being
Throbbing with Love
Pulsating with Silence
Dancing with Joy
Touching the Untouched places
The Intoxication Bliss
Merging into Ocean

  • Krishna and Ram

18 thoughts on “Always One Only

  1. Like the music that flows through the flute, the divine poetry flows through us – The One, with two bodies, but One mind, One heart. ❀️ Beloved is Happy.

    1. Thank you Anna. It is just Love that expresses as Love through words of Love. And these words sends love to you and receives love from you.

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