An Open Letter πŸ˜Š

Dear parents and elders,
During this Covid time, our children are at home full time. Many are having difficult time not going out, see their friends, going to parks, going school, and missing their teachers. They see us only all the time, and many a time, we have to face their tantrums of various types. Try to be patient with them. They are children, they can only think and act like children and not like us, adults. You may think they are hyperactive. Hey, it is a child. Do you wish your child to be drowsy and sit at a place all the time silently? Do you wish your child to do only what pleases you? Come on, this is a child, not an adult. Ask your parents how was you as a child? Please understand children and think from their part. I’m not a parent, but I was a child many years back and I love children.
Thank u 😊 (writing on behalf of all children)

18 thoughts on “An Open Letter πŸ˜Š

    1. But for many of my friends here who are working parents don’t feel this situation good. They feel frustrated with their work from home schedule and having children at home, some kindergarten children and some big children with online classes only. Some strict grandparents too find children in home with lots of noise as a big disturbance and not hearing their advises.

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