Dear ones, please read, think, and share

This is a copy of the contents of the email I sent to Law and Justice Minister of India, The President of India, The Prime Minister of India, and Ministry of Women and Child Development of India about legalising Chemical Castration as a punishment for culprits of extreme cruel rape cases.

Disclaimer: I know some of you might disagree, it’s your choice, but think how will be your reaction if it happens to you or your dear ones.

Sub: Request: Need for Chemical Castration – Rape Culprits

Dear ma’m/sir,

I am an Indian woman who believes in the right of each living being to live a peaceful life irrespective of gender, religion, caste, political views, or financial background. I feel highly concerned about the increase in crimes against children and women in our country. Even though the State and Central Government try their best to catch the culprits, through many legal and political loopholes, these culprits escape. Many of these culprits are not getting the apt punishments which make other criminal-minded people repeat these types of extreme cruelty against children and women.

I am kindly requesting you to please take “Chemical Castration” into consideration as a punishment for culprits of rape cases especially if the rape results in permanent damage to physical organs of the victim or death of the victim. The culprit too should experience the same amount of pain that the victim experienced during the heinous crime.


Krishna Priya

Countries – Ohio, California, Illinois and Arkansas have legalised voluntary castration. Castration deprives the man not only just from control over his sex life, but also from his dignity and respect in the society. You may also read the following reaction of a convicted child sex offender about Chemical Castration. (I am not putting the name here).

L**** D*** M*** said “What is barbaric is what I have done to so many children; refusing to castrate me is barbaric to the children I will molest. [Chemical castration]… is considered ‘cruel and unusual punishment.’ But no punishment is crueller or more unusual than the pain I have caused my victims. Voluntary castration is not unconstitutional, but no state allows it.”

59 thoughts on “Dear ones, please read, think, and share

  1. If the law makers consider this option may be the percentage decrease. Hope they really consider your letter for discussion. Nothing is impossible if they make mind. All in rulers and law makers options and choices to consider.

    Good effort and Well done. 🌿🙏

    1. You are right dear Victor. Taking the decision is under the hands of rulers and law makers. I really don’t know whether they will see my email, but I tweeted the same too in their Twitter too hoping at least one will see this and take this into consideration. Women and child safety is very pathetic in India now. Legal loopholes are there, Advocates are there, Human activists are there to protect culprit, but frankly own family only their for victim.

  2. Very much need of the hour. Strict punishment and speedy justice. Once for all we need to bring change to this law.

  3. This is what I always thought about when I hear any rape case. In this post you mentioned it is cruel punishment but still it is apt. But I think it’s not cruel, it’s not against humanity too. Because each and every rape victims dies due to the damage of internal organs from tip to toe in their body. It’s well evident how hopelessly Nirbhaya’s intestine and other body systems were brutally damaged. This is a very simple punishment for such a level of barbarism. I shared an article on the day of so called justice to Nirbhaya, saying the need to impose a punishment in such a way that the thought of punishment will abstain the people from doing such inhuman deeds. This is a best initiative from your side sister. I agree with you and want this to be accepted and made as a law soon.
    With hope,
    A girl from the country with powerless law system.

  4. Thank you dear Tushara. I really don’t know whether they will see my email, but I tweeted the same too in their Twitter too hoping at least one will see this and take this into consideration. Women and child safety is very pathetic in India now. Legal loopholes are there, Advocates are there, Human activists are there to protect culprit, but frankly own family only their for victim. I feel when cruelties like rapes followed by organ damaging and death of victims repeated again and again, a barbaric punishment should come into existence. Legal and government officials should consider the pain and loss of victim against the right of wellbeing of culprit. Here, in rare cases like Nirbhaya cases only death sentence is given. That too years after the occurrence of crime. Lifetime imprisonment too is not practical. Has some other ideas too. I am working on it to put it before public.

  5. It has been said that the punishment should fit the crime. I don’t know if it will deter others from committing those heinous crimes, but I understand the feeling of wanting to punish the perpetrator.
    I am glad you followed your heart to write the letter.
    May those who begin to think rape is a way for them to control another, find a way to let those thoughts go.
    Change is possible. ❤️🦋🌀🙏

    1. Thank you dear Sheila. From what I understand, rapes happen due to various reasons – lust, showing dominance over weak in the case of children and gender in the case of women, method to shut up women, etc. Whatever it may be, rape, especially what has now happened in India in Hathras in Uttar Pradesh, what had happened earlier in Delhi, Kathua, Walayar, Maharajganj, Balrampur, etc. followed by death of victims and increase in rapes and sexual assaults of minors and especially of those from remote villages where caste system still prevail is highly concerning. You may refer these cases (it will emotionally affect most people) if you like to know about the cruelties those culprits had done to minors and women. I believe such cruel crimes should be punished with a punishment which should make another person with criminal mind to think before doing such a crime. In cities, government, states, and NGO’s are doing many things for women and children safety, yet in remote villages and certain places, these type crimes are highly increasing. So, I thought to put forward a request for legalizing Chemical castration as a punishment for rape culprits.

      1. Sadly, I understand. I have been through this experience also. I agree with you that deterrents like these are solutions (albeit short term), and feel much more work needs to be done to raise the consciousness of people overall to fully break the cycle of people’s desire to dominate, control, silence, and abuse others. I believe it is a spiritual, karmic, and psychological battle. One that unity and profound respect can resolve.
        Minds and hearts must change. Thoughts?

      2. Thank you dear 😊🙏♥️ Our morals, our spirituality, our knowledge have to support the righteousness and should never never support crime. Punishment is not an evil. Haven’t we got punished as children by our parents and teachers. It is for correcting us, not with the motive to hurt us. When we view punishments from that point, it’s a method of correction and prevention of further crime. Like few of you suggested raising human consciousness is needed, true. I humbly suggest every method should be used to stop and prevent crime. Our spiritual/non-violent methods should never directly or indirectly support crime. We are not condemning a person out of revenge here. We are trying to stop and prevent the crime…In certain cases, non-violence and counseling only doesn’t work. Such methods work for persons who feel remorseful about what he/she had done. For those who do cruel crimes, strong punishments should be given according to the level of cruelty they had done. We can never change a Wolf to a rabbit (animal nature to pure satvic nature). We can wish everyone to be enlightened, pure, but we can’t expect. It’s all personal and unique. Even if we provide everything, only with personal effort, one can change.

  6. Ah. I agree with You. It saddens and sickens me. A very dear one I know was very brutally raped and almost killed by a stranger. She was beaten beyond recognition. He attacked her on the street while she was just walking. She was in the hospital for 2 weeks. Horrific. He got off and God knows how many other women he has harmed. It’s unconscionable. I actually feel horrible that I agree….but I sincerely with all my heart do. I think it was courageous to write those letters, Krishna. Sending much Love to You. ❤️

    1. Oh gosh!!! But I must say that ONLY if there is evidence beyond a shadow of a doubt that they’ve caught the right person! I read a John Grisham book a while ago that was based on a true story of a man who was on death row for a rape he truly didn’t commit. I think it was called ‘The Guardians’. There apparently are AMAZING Angel lawyers who make very little money by spending their entire lives helping people who are innocent and unjustly imprisoned to get another trial with the new evidence (and at times original evidence that was “lost” or never considered for whatever reason). It’s crazy how hard they work and all they go through to try and help. I know this is a different subject entirely and I’m talking way too much…but I’m for what You suggest ONLY if they absolutely know for certain it’s the right guy! 💕

      1. Wow, Krishna. I can’t believe how deeply this touched me and what an emotional chord it hit. I apologize for writing so much. Lord. It occured to me that I don’t even know what chemical castration is and I don’t think I want to know. I feel a bit sick to my stomach. No reflection on You at all! But….geez. It’s so much to think about. You truly raise some deep issues. I think for me, what I would want is that they could never, ever harm a person like that again. But I don’t think I’d want them tortured at all…God. But I SOOOO understand people wanting/wishing that. For many, many years I wished the most horrific things I could think of on that man. So I get it. I promise I’m going now. My heart TRULY goes out to anyone who has ever been in that situation. That’s such a very challenging thing to heal/grow from and through. Sigh. Heavy, heavy sigh.

      2. Chemical castration is a medical process dear. Using certain drugs, capacity of vas deferens is stopped, i.e., sexual capacity of the person is barred. It is done by doctors and I think there will be local anesthesia application. Surgical castration is more cruel, but that too if done, anesthesia is used and is a medical procedure if done under law. Sorry if it hurts you, but as a medical and medico-legal transcriptionist, I just explained it for you.

      3. No…please….no apologies at ALL!!! I’m squimish by nature and I felt bad about jumping on the bandwagon of something I don’t understand! But TOTALLY, my hat is off to You for Your passion and for Your action. Seriously….You should hear the things that fly out of my mouth if I happen to be watching the news or walking past the TV when talk of a rapist is on. My emotional, knee-jerk reactions are far crueler than castration. It’s just an emotional issue. That actually sounds far! Ok. I’m going on my way sending You the biggest hugs, so much Love and many Thanks for Your advocacy. You’re an Angel. 🤗❤️🙏🏼💕😊

      4. I agree with you in this too dear. Yes, one among 100 accused may be innocent. Depending upon the particular state/region of crime, the investigation happens and if no political and religious involvement (which makes some countries corrupted many a time), investigation happens well including post-mortem (in the case of death) and DNA sampling. DNA sampling of culprit and victim can accurately decide who is the real culprit. But not in all places, such things happen. Here in India, legal system has many loopholes like if the victim is not dead, culprit won’t be hanged. Depending upon the severity of crime and the advocate who appear for victim, culprit will get imprisonment from 7 years to life-time. Lifetime imprisonment happened and hanging happened here in few cases only. To your shocking understanding, high-profile advocates have appeared for accused sex offenders/rape culprits who through their power, money, and advocacy helps the culprit to get few years of imprisonment or even can make them free. Also, in some cases, there are many, including women who says rape didn’t result in death of the victim and it may be organ damage, heart failure etc. but these morons don’t have heart to realize it is the rape which resulted in organ damage, heart failure, etc. which then resulted in death. Also, there are so called human activists who highly talks about the rights of culprits as humans, but simply forget the rights of victim whether she is alive or dead. These are sad realities of India. I don’t know if it is same in other countries.

      5. Oh….believe me. It’s the same here, I think. The subtleties of the long-term, far reaching physical and psychological effects are far from understood and victims can often be treated as the cause of the crime. It’s astounding. I think many go unreported just for those reasons. SOOOO many people are speaking out about it….and like Yourself, taking action…so perhaps changes are coming….or happening. Here we have high profile human traffickers/rapists who are being dealt with, seemingly fairly, in the system. I don’t stay up on it but hear things in the news. And THANK GOD for DNA! The woman I know was attacked pre DNA. So. And the man in the book I mentioned had been accused pre-DNA…served 30 years and was on death row (something like that!) and they were able to prove, via DNA that he had absolutely nothing to do with the crime. His DNA was nowhere….but another man’s was and after all those years was charged and put away. So…yes….those are rare cases…but Dear God….they happen.

      6. Yes, many evil things are occurring around the world due to desire for pleasure, desire for money, expression of dominance, power, etc. We can hope for good changes to come, work from our part, and pray for the highest good of all. Thank you for continuous support and understanding dearest Katy. People like you are my strength 😊🙏💕🤗

    2. Thank you dearest Katy. Sorry for your dear one. I believe such cruelties should be punished well so as such crimes should never be repeated anywhere in the world. Here, we are not killing the culprit, but we are killing the thing through which he did the crime. Per one of my friend who is a man, their behavioural pattern and their motivation behind the crime too needs to be studied by criminologist/psychologists and come up with a better solution if they can. Whatever it is, lost is always to the victim and her family and dear ones.

      1. Oh gosh….Thank YOU, beautiful Krishna, for Your absolute kindness at my outpouring. And thank You about my dear one. I am so sorry for any dear ones You know who have gone through that. And for all people who experience it. It shocks me how many women I’ve met in my life who have been raped. How many people get raped in general; men/boys included. The way y’all are dealing with it seems very smart. It varies state to state here…as You’ve mentioned. It’s a horrific crime and I have a hard time fathoming how in this day and age it can still be so prevalent.

      2. Yes India, even though rapes of boys happen, it’s comparatively less and not all are coming out and getting public attention. Many doesn’t even know or ready to believe boys too are raped. It’s mostly girls and women here. Even new borns are raped here (I came to read from the writing of a famous NGO person in India). Today also I messaged a retired judge seeking advice and support to overcome this social evil in India. He has seen the message, but didn’t reply yet. I am awaiting his reply. When people like him who has power among media says something in public, there is chance of hope for a positive change. I am doing as much as I can from my part. Let legal authorities and government decide and implement actions. Let they too discuss various aspects of stop, prevention, rehabilitation, and support systems.

      3. Oh Sweet Lord. Thank You for what You are doing. I do believe there can be/will be positive change. There has to be. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  7. This is the need of the hour. I hope the people responsible should give it a thought and implement it in the near future. So many repeated instances. Such punishment are required to arouse some fear among the offenders.

  8. As a person running an NGO as an initiative against CSA, I have lots to say, but words fail… To those perpetrators with criminal intentions, punishment has to be harsh, no doubt. To those who are mentally ill (most of the perpetrators are,!) they should be treated as per protocols. Its time a change has been brought about in the system and education should start from households at the grassroot levels, creating awareness on many things, raising an egalitarian society, imbibing empathy and compassion into the children from a young age, asking them to voice out and defend themselves if need be. But given these, if the law of the land fails in providing justice, delaying it etc all efforts would be futile. Good effort dear. As concerned citizen, i appreciate your efforts

    1. Thank you so much dear. Your points are very much valid. Changes should happen from grassroot level and prevention should start from home and educational institutions. Like you said, if psychological reasons are there behind the crime, that should be treated along with punishment. Psychological disorders resulting in a future crime have to be taken seriously especially in most states of our country where harassing women and children are common and increasing day by day.

    1. Yes. But there are human rights people and even women who opposes this. In castration, that particular organ through which the culprit did the crime is punished, with life long effects if it is surgical castration and shor term effects if it is chemical castration. Let the law decide. For your knowledge, Madras High court put forward castration as a punishment for child sexual abuse criminals in October 2015. Lots of discussion happened at that time. Whatever it is, compared to other Indian states including Kerala, Chennai state is low in reported child and women sexual abuse cases. I am saying about reported ones. Thank you for commenting.

      1. I am not against this. But if this kind people exists in this society they will commit worse crimes than this. These kind of people don’t have any values……..

  9. Yes, very much true. With all possible different ways, such things should be stopped and prevented. Here i am getting different important suggestions which I myself hadn’t thought. So, I appreciate all type of comments and reactions to know things in depth. If you too these things need legal support, please do share this or write in your words and post in social medias. Let people discuss and come out with real possible solutions rather than just short-term show off mourning. (I am sorry to say show off, but in many cases from Nirbhaya, Kathua, etc. I felt certain reactions as show off only). Discussions which results in action only is useful, otherwise it’s just waste of time and energy on both sides.

    1. Thank you sir. If you can, please do discuss it with legal authorities/government officials or those who can present it in parliament for approval as only if it is legalized, it will come under punishments (I know it is a cruel punishment, but I couldn’t think anything less than this while thinking about the pain that 3 year old little girl and 20 year old girl faced recently before their death). Through twitter, mails, personal messages in FB, etc. I wrote to few of them, but I really do not know through whom a genuine change can be brought. Madras High court in October 2015 has put forward before Supreme court to legalize Castration as a punishment to stop child sexual violence. Lots of discussions happened at that time. Later on, like other news, it too disappeared. We need some strict methods to stop and prevent this social evil from further happening anywhere in India. As an Indian woman, I deeply wish my country to be safe for its children and women of all ages.

  10. This is really good. I strongly support your views. This is a more active form of struggle, instead of passive aggression directed towards all males in general. It also makes complete sense; if someone does such heinous things to another, then they should pay with their dignity.

    1. Thank you dear for understanding. Sadly, there are few to support this. I am giving a petition through to Supreme court of India, United Nations, and Law Ministry of India requesting to legalize Castration as a punishment for sexual violence against children and women. Please check this link, sign, and share with people who genuinely cares for children and women:

  11. Even I support more important is openness to report the cases, many of which occur with kids and women in the place they think they are safest , around people they are close or known to.

    1. Thank you dear Gayatri 😊💕🙏 Thanks for understanding and support. Yes, many times in safest places and with familiar people, abuses occur. Always we have to give our open ears to what children have to say if they go through any inappropriate incidents in schools, homes, or at any place. We have to give them the confidence that we are with them and nothing is the end. People’s old beliefs about women too have to be changed. A sexual abuse doesn’t make a girl/woman not good for marriage. These type thoughts affect the victim a lot emotionally.

    1. Thank you dear Dilip 😊🙏🏼 It is for the understanding of common people from all parts of world, I didn’t use law language. I will definitely check ur blog.

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