Oh dear…

Being with me as me

Yet, for the sake of speaking,

I say “I” and “You”

“I” seems like doing and experiencing everything

Whereas “You” seems in blissful stillness

Watching all the drama without getting involved

“I” playing different roles gets exhausted,

Yet, due to divine will can’t stop the drama

Drama goes on and on

Exhaustions goes on and on

Embodiment of love, “You” stays untouched

Grace working, exhaustions grows

Unbearable confusions, uncontrollable emotions

Purging happens

Everything deep comes out

“I” loses all grips

Nothing to depend on

No one to save

“I” weakens

“I” fell into lap of “You”

“You” embraced “I”

Now there is…….

18 thoughts on “Oh dear…

    1. Thanks dear Subhashini πŸ˜Šβ€πŸ™πŸ•Š Happy to read you can relate to this truth. May it stabilize in us and let’s end this life drama this birth itself 😊

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