Sacred Experiences

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Dear all, I would like to share few important points to you who are walking through a spiritual path with little or no materialistic desires.

We all have different types of spiritual experiences and we may be so happy to share this among some people. I too is like that and I used to share my happiness with friends, but over the years, l realized there are some people who are around us with no interest in spirituality and are highly materialistic or blind with psychology. They show interest to hear us sometimes and we share them our experiences without hiding anything. They appear very friendly with us (at least in front of us).

Through loving words, some of them tell us this place is so good, you should visit here OR they say this person is so spiritual or a spiritual guru, you should talk with him/her. Beware, it is a trick. I fell into such tricks few times and after visiting that particular place or talking with that particular person, I used to think “Oh my lord, why should I visit here…why should I talk with this man/woman. Each one has very personal experience and contact with divinity and it is not always a group path.”

These people have different goals to mislead us. Some like to make fun of us, some like to use us as an experimental material (especially in the case of psychologist friends). They will even say us gossips about a particular spiritual group/institution/spiritual guru. In my foolishness, few years back, I blindly believed such a gossip made by one of my trusted friend about a famous spiritual centre which I highly desired to visit. Since this person gave me a very bad image, I avoided visiting that place, but it remained as a pain in my heart.

Later, through few friends, I came to know this place is a highly spiritual place and no such bad thing happen there. I was shocked to realize how could my friend tell me such a big gossip to me about this divine place. That person even shares gossips about other spiritual places and gurus too. After this particular incident, I realized I should never blindly believe someone without enquiring about a place/group/guru on my own through different sources. I was so cautious about sharing my experiences with this particular person.

From my experience, what I would like to say is “Believe your heart. Believe your intuition more than believing someone whoever that is, because divine experiences and inner call to a place or a guru is from a sacred source directly to you. Other person has no idea of what it is. He or she has seen only a small part of you with the short time spend with you and through the ideas they get from other people who knows you. What you experience is your own experience and only those who had such experiences only can understand it. So, be careful with whom you share such experiences with.”

One another thing I would like to say is about “spiritual partner.” At different times, people came to me saying they are my spiritual partners. I am friendly with people, but not interested in any sort of “Spiritual Partnership.” If a person at any time come to me as a spiritual partner, I too will feel it within me strongly. It is absolutely not a one-sided attraction. If you are a young woman or young man, be very very cautious about it. It is the play of mind. If you are not vigilant, you may sometimes fell in other person’s words. If you face such a situation any time, never say anything in hurry. Just wait and observe what your heart feels in the presence of that particular person, observe how your mind feels when you talk with the person and few hours after talking with that person. If it is a true partner, your heart will make you understand it. Otherwise, it will show you signs that it is a mind play of other person. Most times if we observe, these people are attracted towards the our body and will say things only to make us believe they too traveling in the same path. Sometimes, it will take you much time to understand and sometimes you will understand it very soon depending upon whether you trust your gut feelings. If you are soft-hearted person, trust me, other person will play lots of tricks on you to make you believe their words. Don’t worry in such situations when you feel like you are confused. Your prayers, meditation, and introspection will help you in such situations. Take a break, go into deep silence, and listen to your heart. You will surely get the answer.

If you are doing some powerful pranayamas (Nadishodan with 16 or 32 seconds holding, Kapalbhati, Brahmari with Yoni mudra, Bandas), chanting of certain mantras, chakra meditation, Kundali meditation, please please first ask yourself are you ready to be celebate for a while (at least 41 days) while you practice the above powerful yogic sadhanas. Lots of inner changes happen with us during the powerful practices and things which are deeply hidden with us or suppressed by us come out with all its might. Only if you are celebate, your energy will be pure and you will be able to observe these changes within you and will be able to redirect it with divine grace. Else, lots of distractions like intense physical attraction towards another person, increased pride/ego, attraction towards magical powers (siddis) occur. Kindly recognize these feelings as distractions in your path and also a sure sign that you are progressing in your practices. If you follow these distractions forgetting your goal, it will take long years for you to reach your goal. Sometimes, it will become too late in life too.

Energy moves from Mooladhara (root) through Swadhistana (genital), Manipuraka (naval), Anaahatha (heart), Vishudhi (throat), Aajna (middle of two eyebrows and reaches Sahasrara (top of head). Depending upon activation of each chakra, you will have different experiences. Just stay as witness to these experiences, continue your sadhana with pure heart and strong mind. Try not to fall into outside attractions of any kind. If you are practicing celibacy, your mind will be powerful to overcome these distractions. If you cannot practice celibacy for at least 41 days while you do the above practices, kindly not do it. It will harm you.

Also, learn these above practices only from a learnt person and not from YouTube, books, or from your friends. Now, everything is available in internet and anyone can access anything. Try to understand, everything is not for everyone and everything is not good for everyone. Spirituality doesn’t have shortcuts. Also keep in mind, walking in spiritual path is not a smooth journey. Many a time, you feel like you are in the middle of fire and no one there to help you. Never worry or give up at such times, continue your practice with focus and ask divine help. You will surely overcome all sorts of tests and become strong in heart and will experience bliss.

May the Almighty who is always residing in our hearts lead us forward in our chosen paths.

17 thoughts on “Sacred Experiences

    1. Yes dear, some of the yogic practices are so powerful and not for householders and some are not for women too. For general wellness, simple pranayamas and yoga asanas and suryanamaskar are good. If doing above powerful practices, they should be done only under the guidance of right guru and by following strict guidelines as told by guru.

    1. Yes dear. When we come across a guru, our heart will recognise it. The other person doesn’t need to put any effort to make us believe he/she is our guru or spiritual partner.

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