Few more words…

Dear ones, few more things I wish to say to those who are genuinely search the absolute truth. Destination is always one only and to reach there, different paths are there. Since people think things differently and have difference in intellect, we have different paths here. No path is superior or inferior. Everyone have the same chance and opportunity to walk one or more of these paths to reach the destination.

If I say destination, that too is wrong in front of the absolute truth. We all are already there and we are that only. It is just an illusion some of us think we have to do something or we have to go to someone to do help us reach the truth. JUST HERE AND NOW, WE ALL ARE THAT. IT IS AS SIMPLE AS OUR VERY BREATH.

It’s absolutely fine if any of you couldn’t experience it right now. Select the path which suits you (if you could sit in deep silence for some, your own heart will tell you which path to take) and keep on searching. And, never ever give up. Happy things will happen and most saddening things will happen, but never give up. Surely, you will soon experience the truth.

Once again, I would like to tell, truth is simple, but very very powerful. Once you start the search, it will take you to destination. Frankly saying, all these paths are not beautiful, not always give you happy and peaceful experiences until you reach the destination. So, only old people and wise teachers say young people to refrain from spirituality until one reach maturity.

Here maturity is not the maturity by age or by body’s external appearance, it is the maturity of mind to face both positives and negatives alike and both success and failure alike. If mind is immature, one will fall in positives only (the so called “positive energy, positive vibes, positive affirmations, law of attraction, use amulets/mantras to ward of negativity, thought of avoiding toxic people, etc). One will feel they are something unique and superior and has to avoid certain places, certain things, certain people etc. Know that it is just the play of Almighty’s illusion to test your mental strength. Whatever comes in front, face it. Physically, it may sometimes harm you. Emotionally, it may hurt you. But, if you persist, you will experience the truth.

Dear young people, be alert be very very alert about whom you share your experiences in the beginning. You will have lots of experience for sure. Those who doesn’t have idea of what is going on or those who are very much materialistic or egoistic, will surely try to deviate you from the path. At those times, sit in silence and your heart will show you what to do. But, you should have the open mind to listen to your heart and trust in your heart. Trust your heart more than any other person, whoever that will be.

Guru, universe, spiritual leaders, pilgrim/religious centers, Ashrams, Yoga retreats with different kinds of yoga – Karma yoga, Jnana yoga, Bhakti yoga, Raja yoga, Kundaline yoga, Tantric yoga etc, etc. are just stepping stones for you to experience the truth. They are just paths. At one time, you need to leave all these behind and stay as yourself. There is nothing wrong in them, but that too are blocks at one point. For majority, it is most testing or hard phase, but you have to do it. You have to leave everything aside except you. And at last you have to leave you too. When I say you, it is the not the physical body of you. It is the individual whom you think you are (ego, personality – call it any name). Leave the mind-made images of you. The desire to accomplish something. The desire to be approved by others. The desire to make changes in the world. The desire to heal the world. The desire to make world perfect. The desire to become someone whom the world will treat as guru (Be very very alert about this as many young people come to spiritual path to become gurus, teach others, show miracles and become famous in medias). Gurus and spiritual leaders have their own roles to perform. Let they do it. Please do not try to copy them or criticize them. Almighty have plans for each one of us and when we accept it, the journey will become easy and truth will shine like sun in our hearts. Realize, there is nothing to earn here, nothing to lose here. These are all divine games where our only duty is to know who we really are and end the game as soon as possible. We are always that only and we cannot be anything other than that ever πŸ™‚

21 thoughts on “Few more words…

  1. Truth as you say is the most powerful thing in this world but it is interrupted with the feeble essence of materialism and in this present world people who want to travel in the path of truth is really mocked and marginalized as fools. That’s really saddening. I think you are away from other social media platforms. Is everything ok for you? Hope so. Stay happy πŸ’žπŸ˜Œ

    1. Never care about what others say dear. They have many things to say. Leave them and do not waste time for their approval. World’s nature is like that. We don’t need anyone’s approval or consent to search, find, and experience the truth. I am away from other social media platforms because I realized I was just wasting time like a big fool πŸ˜› Just enjoying solitude and praying for the protection of all beings from the upcoming Cyclone through Tamilnadu and Trivandrum. Nature is in its angry form. She needs time to calm down. Feel free to mail me anytime you wish. Blessed moments ahead dear πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸ’–πŸ•Š

      1. I could relate to each and every of your words. Very happy to know about you. You are upto the point, why to waste too much time in a meaningless world of social networking. I am actually away from WordPress and because of that I couldn’t get comment notification and that is why I missed this comment yesterday. Anyhow be positive as always in the way you are. That is enough.

  2. This one – “At one time, you need to leave all these behind and stay as yourself.” The sooner we do, it is better. Like Bhagavan Ramana Maharishi says, “…Eventually, all that one has learnt will have to be forgotten.”

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