Peace and Love

While introspecting and looking from the centre of peace and love,

I am realizing again more strongly that nothing to earn from here, nothing to lose here.

I am watching the plays of mind and body

Mind still thinks it needs to earn many things from outside

Body blindly follows the mind’s way.

Let they play, I will just watch for I know at one point, they will realize it is an unending circle,

Let they play with all might and let they win, let they lose, and realize it is a continuous game

Let they get tired, let they feel broken, let they feel joy, let they feel pain,

Let the ego experience complete helplessness

Let the mind realize what is worthy to be earned is peace and love only

And it is always here at all times

And let it surrender and dissolve in beloved

May the beloved work in mystical ways through this body and mind

7 thoughts on “Peace and Love

    1. Frankly not at all times. Sometimes, I do feel shattered, but whenever I could observe the thoughts without identifying with them, I could experience mind becoming silent and could experience the peaceful presence 😊

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