Why you beg – Empress and Emperor?

Empress and Emperor,
Why you beg in streets?
Realise the limitless treasure of self knowledge,
And rest in stillness
You just need self recognition and acceptance
No need to lose time to be approved by the world
Do what is needed for the time being
Speak what is just needed
And rest in stillness
There is nothing to earn,
There is nothing to lose,
In this divine play.
Just play each role assigned by master
And witness the play
And rest in stillness
Drink the limitless potion of bliss
Path to limitless bliss is open,
Always open to all those who are ready to stop begging and recognise the self

Morning Wonders πŸ˜ŠπŸŒ»πŸ•Š

As my hands get soiled while working with plants,
And I sweat in the heat of morning summer sun
Touched by gentle breeze and breathing fresh air
Seeing blue sky with crows, parrots, swallows, sparrows and many birds,
Seeing the plants growing up,
And new seedlings coming out of soil,
I am seeing the magnificence of Almighty
My heart sings in joy, love, and gratitude in voiceless voice 😊

the Heart

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Mystic Morning Blog

the Sufi’s see the heart between the body and the soul

the intermediary

the mediator between the world of form and the spirit

the heart when touched with grace dissolves the deluded self with love

the Buddhists mention the 5 skandas

and in the fifth is that which leads us to our true nature

it exerts will, determination, diligence, and confidence

to empty the mind of the deluded self

the Hindus point to neti neti of the imagined self

to ask who is the real I

the great inquiry to contemplate who am I

and realize simple beingness

the Christian mystics point to the kingdom within

one that is revealed through a great love of the oneness

that surrounds and pervades all

from every corner of this earth

we are all being called towards the centre

back to the unity in which our souls were born

it is the universe…

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As silent contemplation progresses,

One could experience the dissolution of mind at times

Just be there…

Even when mind starts to arise,

Just observe

Just be there…

Like a bubble arising from ocean,

The mind will burst out and dissolve without rising up high

There is nothing to earn

There is nothing to lose

There is nothing to give

There is nothing to take

Just experience the fulfilment of being

Sit in this beautiful natural experience of bliss

It doesn’t matter if it is for few seconds or for hours

Just be in this, just be…

It is the purest of all joys

Which no materials other than one’s self could provide

We don’t need anyone or anything other than us to experience it

As it is the natural, ever present experience

Which could be experienced whenever mind dissolves

Practice silence of words, practice observing thoughts

Just observe…

With practice, one could observe without labelling the thoughts as good and bad

Like different things pass through running waters while depth of river remains undisturbed,

One could remain undisturbed by thoughts

And, at a moment, one could experience the deep silence, thoughtless state

Just be there…

Where time, space, separateness, and all desires dissolves,

And only one oneself, the most blissful one remains

May everyone who reads and contemplate on this experience this

Love and prayers dear ones πŸ™‚


Even the word heaven is meagre to describe that
That which is always available
That which is the home, the source
Even the alphabets of this writing comes from a little vibration from there
Breathe deep and with awareness
Just this very moment in between the space of two breaths,
Access this
Rest here
Be this

Cloak of EGO

Sometimes, I wear an invisible cloak of EGO

As I grew up, at some point in life, I weaved it up

Believing I need to wear it to be protected

Believing I need to hold onto some identifications

Believing I need to wear it to stand among people

I feel elated upon appreciations and dispirited upon criticisms

Communicating with different minds and hearing advices from elders and friends,

I started developing different threads of thoughts

I started filling my mind with some expectations

I became happy when those are met and became sad when those aren’t met

All these started thickening the invisible cloak of EGO

Luckily, through grace, through the writing of a dearly friend,

I was able to look within me and found the hidden cloak of EGO,

Sharing few words with him, realized the need to dissolve it

EGO warns me not wearing its invisible cloak, I will be more vulnerable, more sensitive

I may get hurt, I may be called a fool

But, my heart says to remain still and observe,

To look for the different threads of thoughts which weave the cloak of EGO

As they start rising, let them dissolve in the infinite ocean of compassion

With time, let them dissolve and compassion bloom in its entirety

Oh Beloved, my heart, guide me through….

Feeling Beloved

Through the touch of gentle breeze on me, I am feeling the love of beloved

Through the shine of stars and moon, I am feeling the love of beloved

Through the thirst quenching quality of water, I am feeling the love of beloved

Through the coolness and darkness of night, I am feeling the love of beloved

Through the peaceful joy, I feel in heart all time, I am feeling the love of beloved

Through the dissolution of mind in heart in sleep, writing, singing, and meditating, I am feeling the love of beloved

At all moments, I am feeling the love and care of beloved

For the beloved whom I love is omnipresent

And always in my heart as my soul too πŸ˜ŠπŸ•ŠπŸ’–

Hold onto Lord

Filled with baggages from different births,

Absorbing different thoughts from world around,

And also living among people and interacting to different minds over time

There are chances of fall anytime

Each fall is a chance to learn what all to be given up

And to keep focused onto heart

Beloved in heart is the only refuge

Let’s hold onto lord of our hearts for constant guidance

Mind’s nature is to ruminate over useless things which it absorbed from the world

Oh mind, ruminate over the thoughts of beloved

Chant names of lord and drink the sweet nectar of devotion

Let you dissolve in the love of lord

Let “I” shine in the thoughtless sky of heart πŸ˜ŠπŸ™