Cloak of EGO

Sometimes, I wear an invisible cloak of EGO

As I grew up, at some point in life, I weaved it up

Believing I need to wear it to be protected

Believing I need to hold onto some identifications

Believing I need to wear it to stand among people

I feel elated upon appreciations and dispirited upon criticisms

Communicating with different minds and hearing advices from elders and friends,

I started developing different threads of thoughts

I started filling my mind with some expectations

I became happy when those are met and became sad when those aren’t met

All these started thickening the invisible cloak of EGO

Luckily, through grace, through the writing of a dearly friend,

I was able to look within me and found the hidden cloak of EGO,

Sharing few words with him, realized the need to dissolve it

EGO warns me not wearing its invisible cloak, I will be more vulnerable, more sensitive

I may get hurt, I may be called a fool

But, my heart says to remain still and observe,

To look for the different threads of thoughts which weave the cloak of EGO

As they start rising, let them dissolve in the infinite ocean of compassion

With time, let them dissolve and compassion bloom in its entirety

Oh Beloved, my heart, guide me through….

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