As silent contemplation progresses,

One could experience the dissolution of mind at times

Just be there…

Even when mind starts to arise,

Just observe

Just be there…

Like a bubble arising from ocean,

The mind will burst out and dissolve without rising up high

There is nothing to earn

There is nothing to lose

There is nothing to give

There is nothing to take

Just experience the fulfilment of being

Sit in this beautiful natural experience of bliss

It doesn’t matter if it is for few seconds or for hours

Just be in this, just be…

It is the purest of all joys

Which no materials other than one’s self could provide

We don’t need anyone or anything other than us to experience it

As it is the natural, ever present experience

Which could be experienced whenever mind dissolves

Practice silence of words, practice observing thoughts

Just observe…

With practice, one could observe without labelling the thoughts as good and bad

Like different things pass through running waters while depth of river remains undisturbed,

One could remain undisturbed by thoughts

And, at a moment, one could experience the deep silence, thoughtless state

Just be there…

Where time, space, separateness, and all desires dissolves,

And only one oneself, the most blissful one remains

May everyone who reads and contemplate on this experience this

Love and prayers dear ones πŸ™‚

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