the Heart

Reblogging this divinely beautiful poem…. Thanks dear George πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸ•Š

Mystic Morning Blog

the Sufi’s see the heart between the body and the soul

the intermediary

the mediator between the world of form and the spirit

the heart when touched with grace dissolves the deluded self with love

the Buddhists mention the 5 skandas

and in the fifth is that which leads us to our true nature

it exerts will, determination, diligence, and confidence

to empty the mind of the deluded self

the Hindus point to neti neti of the imagined self

to ask who is the real I

the great inquiry to contemplate who am I

and realize simple beingness

the Christian mystics point to the kingdom within

one that is revealed through a great love of the oneness

that surrounds and pervades all

from every corner of this earth

we are all being called towards the centre

back to the unity in which our souls were born

it is the universe…

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