Moment changes in the blink of an eye
Change is its nature
And so are the happenings in the moment
Except the one who perceives, everything changes
Like the sky, stay still
Let the clouds of all shapes and colours pass
Stay free
Stay still

Me, Moon, and Stars

Usually, I ask stars where is the moon
Today moon is here smiling 😊
As I asked where are the stars,
One star waved at me
And said others are resting behind the clouds
To my smile, she blinked a lovely good night 😊🌜🌟

Know the Self through Self itself

To few lucky ones,

Solitude is so enjoyable

Silence is so relaxing

For it is in solitude and silence, one unites with divine

There will be many around to move you,

Saying you are lonely, you have to do this and that

They may try to make you feel insecure

Behold the divine self at those times,

Not to lose yourself in mind’s games

Stay in silence

Stay simple to experience the simple profound truth

That which is accessible to everyone

That which is so close to oneself as “self”

All prayers, practices, satsangs are the boats to cross the ocean of mind

Keep them simple so that mind won’t play with them too

Reach the self and know the self through self itself 😊❀

Godly Love

Blessings came to me in the form of a baby smile and kiss
I was going for an evening walk today
As I walked through the neighborhood, I saw this little one held by his grandma
I waved him “Hi” and smiled at him
His grandma was feeding him from a sippy cup
Seeing me smiling, he finished the sippy cup fast
He showed me how little birdie open its mouth
He greeted me “Eesho” with praying hands
I felt baby Jesus giving me greetings
Before I waved him Bye,
He hugged my face and gave a kiss on my cheek
It was a sweet, unexpected, angelic kiss

Thank you baby,
May Jesus bless you and family in abundance 😊❀

**Eesho – Jesus in Malayalam – A form of greetings used in prayers.

See who is waiting?

Still stumbled at the steps of temple?
Doors are open already
Art works outside will fade soon
That which is made of elements will dissolve in elements itself
See the beloved waiting here πŸ˜ŠπŸ•Š