Precious is Each Moment πŸ˜Š

Each moment of human life is precious

As we continue living by giving and taking in earth,

Be aware of the permanent and impermanent

Choose wisely the time and energy spend on them

Be brave and try different things and choose the best which suits you

For the path of each is unique and beautiful

Have a collection of different feathers of experiences,

For experiences are the wealth we can earn for ourselves

Clease the mind each day off all influences

Have a dip in the purest ocean of being in silence and solitude

Be ready to face each moment with curiosity and a smile on face

For each moment is new and holds the power of bliss

Blessed moments dear all 😊

Thank you πŸ˜ŠπŸŒ•β˜β€

Yesterday it was cloudy and rainy and I missed the lovely full moon

Nature, Moon, Clouds, and Sky know about my love to Moon,

As I was looking tonight, Clouds slowly moved and Moon rose up

We smiled at each other full of love in heart

Clouds, Stars, Sky, and Nature smiled along with us

Thank you Nature

Thank you Sky

Thank you Clouds

Thank you Moon

In Home Always

Most beautiful place we own

Strongest shelter we own

Highly powerful sedative we own

Highly effective pain medicine we own

Easily available pleasure we own

Limitless treasure we own

Priceless joy and peace we own

The most wonderful destination we own

The path to which is just a mindful breath

And readiness to give up mind

As the waves of mind become still,

We are there

Anytime anywhere we can reach there thus

Seeing through Heart

I let the busy brain rest for a while,

To feel the beauty of this moment through heart

Silver sun on cloudy sky smiling

Lovely butterfly meditating on a leaf

Plants grown huge with three days of rain

Birds are welcoming new day with songs

Embraced by motherly love of nature,

I am seeing myself in the heart of all these 😊

Power of Breath

Each comfortable breathing is a blessing
Each breath is an opportunity to enter into heart
Each breath when observed is first step of meditation
Each breath come up with immense possibilities
Recognise the power of breath
Breathe…breathe mindfully dear ones πŸ˜ŠπŸ•ŠπŸ’–

Inspired by Stars

Blinking joyfully among the clouds in dark
You few stars fill us with hope
Though the present time is dark and uncertain,
Light is there among us
Together, we will overcome this too 😊🌟