wake up Darling

Open up the petals of mind’s eyes

Look into the center of heart

Effulgence of million Suns here

Yet, the light here is so cool

Realize this light as light behind all lights

Wake up from sleep darling

See with open eyes

The world around and all the beauty is just the reflection of the one in heart

When the real one is here, why run behind reflections?

Hear what the light wanna tell you

Without any doubt know that the light is you

I and you are always one

Separation is just a play to extinguish karma of mind and body

Let they do their work

Be the light by being the light…

Being the light….

Oh Mind

Oh mind think about the dearest Lord

The one who’s reflection is you

The one who is always stable,

While you and senses are busy

Chant one of the many names of that Lord

Experience the strength and peace

Dissolve into silence and bliss of soul

Just now

Just now