Be The Lotus

Be the Lotus unaffected by the mud

While encountering desires,

While encountering lust,

While encountering lies,

While encountering that which breaks the heart,

Remember about Lotus

Realize the pure soul you are

Unaffected by even a trace of impurity

Let the senses and even mind play the illusion

Be the Lotus, unaffected by the mud

Lotus needs the mud for its growth,

So are the struggles of mind for us

Welcome the pain knowing it’s cleansing power

Come through it

Breathe and remember this all will pass

To establish in self, go through the tests

Remember the beautiful Lotus

Remember the beautiful soul

Be the Lotus smiling in all glory

I will carry you

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Mystic Morning Blog

there is a richness beyond belief beneath the surface of your being

at times it seems as if it can only be entered through the depths of a great wound

and yet it is also entered through the most troubling of times

when everything goes wrong again and again

as if the world is caught in a slow speed collapse around us

The buddhists may say it is the causes and conditions of life

that offer these troubling times

Some may call it fate

Some say is is part of the great samsara

A very few see the value of these perilous times

and when they have passed through a few eventually become ready,

and a time arises naturally and they find themselves in this darkness

firmly placing an intention to overcome throughout the heat of the battle

In these moments of life, there is an incredible sense of aloneness

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on the edge

Fast heartbeats
Gasping to breathe
I’m on the edge sometimes
Yet, in the middle,
It gives a chance
A chance of few seconds,
To watch within and breath into the being
And realize I’m at home
Always at home
All movements are just a play

Emperors And Empresses

Oh emperor and empress, why you think you are a just a man, just a woman,
The doer of just few things through the body
You are the creator, sustainer, and uprooter
Everything happens through you
It’s your power, Shakti deludes all,
And, make the being work according to karma
Knowing the truth, stay in limitless bliss
Time has come now to realize the truth 😊

Like a swan

Photo courtesy: Google images

Like a swan swimming peacefully on water,

Move peacefully in life with devotion

Keeping silence helps the mind too to be silent and at peace. Learn to spend some time daily just watching the breath. Gradually, mind become free of thoughts and one can touch the peace. Anytime anywhere, one can practice this.

In the unpredictable way of life, peace is the only possession worthy to have. And that everlasting peace is within us all always ready to be found and experienced. Rest all possessions including our dearly body too give us pain one time or other time. While taking care of body, earning to live and serve fellow beings, take care of having peace for in peace, there is health and joy. Live simple. Think simple. Move like a swan peacefully in the water of life…..

Watching sky

Rain drops went for rest behind the clouds
Wind is singing soothing song
Sky is relaxing
My friend, Falcon appeared to say hi
Seeing after many days, we waved at each other 😊🦅💖


Looked upon nightly sky
Dark clouds covered,
Moon and stars weren’t there
When I started going back,
Someone big was smiling bright to me,
Compassionate and brave Jupiter
Assuring hope even when everything around is dark
Thank you dearest Jupiter


Made of five elements and seven minerals

This body is a gift for us

Fully packed days, working hard

Less sleep and hydration

Sweet craving play by brain

Pain starts, we ignore

Pain increases, we pop pills

Fatigue increases

Energy decreases

Sense organs react with pain

Recognize it as warning sign

Take a break

Listen to body

Give it time to heal

Treat it gently

For it’s the best companion we have if we use diligently

Without health and peace of mind,

What is the use of money?

To buy medicines?

To pay hospital bills?

Or to spend in unhealthy ways?

So, listen to body dear ones

Use body wisely

Wishing you all healthy body and mind and everlasting bliss