Smile With Your Heart

Smile with the heart to butterflies, stars, trees, plants, and flowers
Fairies and angels reside in them
At times when you feel down in the dumps,
Not having anyone to understand your blues
One among them will appear for sure,
And remind you to smile and dissolve the blues 😊🌟

Celebrating Thiruvathira With Celestial Beings

Under the cooling light of full moon,

Auspicious Jupiter, nourishing Venus,

Righteous Saturn, strong Mars

Intellectual Mercury and 27 star wives of Moon joined me

We stood in circle

Moon stood in our center as lamp

We have done Taichi together

Clearing our energy blocks,

We shared the energies in unity

And drank the nectar of Bliss

Zen Corner

Image Courtesy: Unsplash

Dear little one,
Are you obsessed with building a Zen Corner?
Are you obsessed with mantras?
Are you practicing everything to get something?
Take a little pause
Watch your breath
Watch your thoughts closely
Just watch
If you felt carried away in a thought,
Come back gently
Watch again
Just watch
Feel the peace within
Meet the Buddha within you
Zen Corner is the sacred space within you
Thoughtless space of your heart
Your breathing is the sacred mantra chant
Watch your breath
Let the thoughts dissolve on their own
Experience everything is here itself

Meet the Buddha within you

Be the Buddha


Love you Venus

Whole sky is dark and cloudy,
No moon, no stars
Yet, there is someone smiling bright
Giving me assurance even in darkest of night,
There will be light
It’s my friend Venus waiting to see me
As soon as I smiled with wonder and love,
Waving me goodnight,
Venus went to sleep in the cloudy bed

Promise of Almighty

At this moment, felt to share this – how to face temptations of any kind?

When our deep rooted instincts blur our wisdom and we act upon the commands of senses, remember about Almighty, call upon Almighty’s help to guide us through. Whatever it is, call upon Almighty. Even though, sometimes we do the unrightful deed due to the pull of circumstances and according to our Karma, we could come out of it with least future worries. This doesn’t mean we can do unrighteous deeds. This is to remind us about thinking and praying to Almighty at all times and to guide us through. This is the promise of Almighty as said in Mahabharata and Bhagavadam.

As witness, Almighty is always within our hearts. Just remember this, always remember this and get free of the acts of mind/limited self and stay blessed dear ones.

stillness speaks louder than words

From our dearest George 😊🙏

Mystic Morning Blog

the most important food for your soul

is stillness

it will not grow without it

a day of rest

catching your breath

taking a moment


taking a breather

to calm down

to collect oneself

to listen deeply

to compose oneself

to come to a standstill

so rest a moment

as often as you can

begin a few times a day

be relentless

watch for the head, the beginning of every thought stream, every arising feeling

one day your thoughts, feelings, sensations and perceptions will no longer take you from crisis to crisis

you will harness them all, and they will submit to the real you who has stood patiently quietly waiting since the day you were born

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