When fear and tension spurs in, distract and rise above
Just watch them as separate from you
Understand how the mind plays with them
Once you can see them separate from you,
Its effect upon you fall down
Shut your ears to the words of those who tries to spill out their fear
Some are comfortable living in fear and tension only
Let them be
Only when oneself tries, one could come out of it
Choice is always yours
Use it and stay blissful 😊

BLissful Beingness

As the separateness dissolves, blissfulness brighten up. Peace, joy, well-being experienced as there is no resistance to anything. Living and non-living feeling too dissolves. Blissful beingness, only bliss is here now 😊😇💞

Grace and Love

Dear ones, I had to undergo laparoscopic myomectomy (laparoscopic surgery of fibroids) day before yesterday. By the grace and Love of almighty, I was diagnosed before it became very severe and got the best surgeon and hospital through my loving sister. I am planning to write about awareness of fibroids as I had asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic fibroids. I am recovering little by little and I will write soon. May you all stay blissful. Love you all 😊❤️😇

  • Krishna

Bedtime Prayer

My dearest lord who is within my heart and around me always,
Kindly open my heart to find good in all situations
Kindly clear my vision to see you in the hearts of all whomever it is
As my well-being is the result of prayers from all known and unknown beings,
Let me humbly thank all from the depth of my heart
Let me too pray for the well-being of all beings 😊🙏

Secure Place Within

When life presents tests,
And things go beyond planning,
It’s okay to cry for some time
To release the emotions than bottling up
Even while mind comes up with chain of thoughts,
Chant upon the dearest prayer
Breathe into the prayer
Mind will stop its chatter
And we will rest peacefully within ourselves
That place within our heart is the most easily available resting place
That’s the place of our Lord
That’s the place where we are us in the most real, pure form

Peaceful blissful moments dear ones 🙂