Peace 🕊️

Courtesy: Pinterest

Let us all breathe peace at this moment
Breathe in peace…
Breathe out peace…
May the energy of peace spread
May the star of compassion rise in all hearts
May we learn to love all beings alike
May the peace spread from hearts to hearts

Art and The Artist

Art is the soul of an artist
Let the artist express
Let the artist display
Let the audience enjoy
And let the artist be free,
Most importantly, it’s freedom,
That’s what an artist need
Freedom to express
Freedom to decide
Oh the audience, please don’t poison the artist,
With your thoughts of putting price to an art
Art is the soul of an artist
And not a commodity to sell in market
Well, if the artist self feels to earn through art, let it be
It is solely the freedom of artist
Oh dear artist blessed with talents,
Please don’t worry about earning your bread
Use a little of your wisdom and decide
Whether to earn by selling your art
Explore your other talents bravely,
And earn through it while finding time to create
Let the creation happen with all glory,
And you experience the bliss which is incomparable with anything…

(Just felt to express this as I contemplated on the words of many which hurt me deeply when they saw my writing and publishing of my first book as a way to earn, when they saw my love for yoga as a way to teach and earn, my discovery of unique tasting tea blends as business and earn, my artworks to be sold as NFT. They poisoned me with the thoughts of money and told me examples of people who thus earn. At some point, those poisonous thoughts started working, but through the grace of soul, I felt the discomfort and I became silent and the art went hiding in the depth of my heart. Through observation and contemplation, I gained back the courage to stand up for me and the creations through me. I separated carefully the righteous need to earn my bread and expressing my soul through different arts. I am not trading my soul for anything. Only the tea, I will sell at an affordable price and will blend it enjoying the process and not label it as “business” To those who call me a fool, I like to say “may you call me anything for I just don’t care anymore as I learnt what is right and wrong for myself”. Thank you for reading dear ones 😊🙏)

Art of Distraction

Pain is there in this body waiting for attention

Mind tends to focus on it,

While I am using the art of distraction

Trying some new arts, cooking easy healthy foods, watching movies, sky gazing, doing my office work

Mind is busy, body is busy without much strain

And I am humming a happy song ☺️💞

Sharing with you some of my artworks:

A trial of Pichwai art
Shrinathji 😊🙏💕
Nailpolish art 😂
Mediterranean dinner – Red and yellow bellpepper salad, sauteed zucchini multigrain bread sandwich with bellpeppers, zucchini and cheese slice filling 😊
Overnight soaked black raisins as natural iron supplement