Everlasting Treasure

Om namo narayanaya

Like a treasure lover checks his locker and happily count the money,

I dive into the sea of my heart and happily find Narayana

Thank you my lord for this human birth

Thank you my parents for this birth

Thank you my grandmothers for telling me about Narayana

Thank you my known and unknown teachers

Thank you everything which reminds me of Narayana

Because Narayana is the limitless everlasting treasure I am blessed with in this life

Om namo narayanaya 😊🕊️🙏

Shine in Compassion Dear Ones

May the river of compassion flow from hearts to hearts
May it be a continuous flow
May it heal the wounds of hearts
May it melt the barriers of pride, greed, nationality, religion, language and all which obstructs the flow
May our hearts join together in compassion
May we recognise our divine beingness and its power,
The power to heal, power to forgive, power to accept, power to create, power to rise and shine
Let us all keep the lights of our hearts shine for all
Loka samastha sukhino bhavantu
Om shanti shanti shanti 🙏

*Loka samastha sukhino bhavantu, meaning: May good happen to all in universe

Art as Medication and Meditation

As I got back from my sister’s home, I was affected with tonsillitis after more than 15 years. It was very difficult to have tonsillitis during summertime as I have to take only hot drinks and hot food. I get phlegm too, so cannot take any cold foods to soothe the sore throat. I was too tired too that I didn’t felt to go to doctor and take antibiotics. So, I felt to do voice rest.

I thought of doing some art to keep me distracted from throat pain and tiredness. Made the following:

Tantric art – Mahasudarshana
Tantric art – Narasimha Yantra
Acrylic painting on white cardboard piece

I love the inner silence and guidance of being while I draw and paint. It is a beautiful meditative experience which works quicker than medication 🙂