Flowers, Me, and a Wasp

Kanikonna flowers in our garden

Walking among Kanikonna flowers in yellow dress,

I met a wasp who looked at me and flew around

I told her I am not a flower and am just a human

We laughed at our silliness and wished a fond adieu ðŸ˜ŠðŸ


13 thoughts on “Flowers, Me, and a Wasp

    1. Thank you dear Sanchita ❤️🤗 Yes, we can communicate with them and for me mostly it is through heart, a silent profound language of love where we could see we actually are all same lifeforce in different bodies and all beings understand the language of heart. Here I have a little signature spider and its mom on curry leaf plant and also two little owls too who resides in a nearby tree. It’s a beautiful experience to see them and share love.

    1. Is it? I don’t know what happened. Seems like some new changes came in WordPress. You may try going to Reader and give the site address: and then click the following option there.

  1. 🤣!!! I love this, beautiful Krishna!!! Sounds like me every day on my deck! 🤣 They fly around me curiously, and as You say, we bid one another adieu! Thank You for the smile and laughter You just gifted!!! Cheers and hugest hugs to You!!! 🤗❤️😊!

    1. Happily interesting !!! They are your friends too 🤣🤗❤️ May you stay happy and radiate love and smiles dearest 🤗❤️

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