About Karma

Surrender to divine when heart is broken
You don’t have to take weapon against the enemies
Leave the slightest thought of revenge and forgive them
Make them your friends and wait my dear
Karma will give them what they owe
And you have to be on their side to console them
Let they themselves realise their wrong doings
Let the Karma teach them
No one is spared from the hands of Karma
If they are lucky, they will learn and evolve into enlightenment
For the path of enlightenment is open to all,
And sometimes for someone, a little darkness and pain needed
To value the light which was always with them,
And which otherwise was so easy to earn with a compassionate heart which they lacked blinded by desire

In the Monastery

Image Courtesy: Pixabay; Taktshang Goemba Monastery (Tiger’s Nest Monastery), Bhutan

As in the highest peak of mountains,

The prayer filled monastery lies

It is here in our hearts too, an effulgent monastery lies

Like we climb the rocky mountain,

Let’s climb up the rocks of our minds

Climb up the thoughts one by one

As we don’t get attached to the rocks on which we climb however big they are,

So we are able to stay unattached to the thoughts of our mind

Climbing with the goal of reaching the monastery,

Let’s climb within in our hearts and reach the centre

And reach the monastery where everlasting peace resides

Any time, anywhere, we can reach here

No tickets required, not much energy required

Only the desire to look within is needed

Silently with the help of a prayer or a gentle breath,

Let’s climb the mind and reach the heart centre

And dissolve in divinity at this moment

“Gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi swaha….”

Fostering the Vedic lineage

Hi dear ones, I am sharing a beautiful and informative post by our dear Narayanji: Fostering the Vedic lineage


Sri Seetharama Ganapadigal

The hazy sounds of the chorus Vedic chants heard from a good twenty meter distance turns electrifying as one steps into the sacred precinct of the Sri Bharathi Theertha Veda Patasala, situated in Mattancherry, Kochi. The rhythmic intonations of complex Vedic mantras by a group of dhoti clad boys sitting cross-legged in two inner-facing rows transports the listener to a rarefied field of divine exuberance. The benign glance of Seetharama Ganapadigal, sitting imposingly at the centre with hands gesturing the ebb and flow of the verses, ensures a strict discipline to the oral academic tradition and brings to life the extolled Guru-Shishya Parampara. And as the students effortlessly chant pristine sanskrit verses in precious meter and with clear diction, one is overwhelmed at the expanse of the Vedic knowledge and the grandeur of its expression!

Sri Sri Sri Bharathi Tirtha Swamigal: Epitome of Vedic wisdom

The Patasala…

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Nature’s Nurture

Kanikonna Flowers

I wonder how it will be if we let children roam in nature,
Meet butterflies, honeybees, spiders, sparrows, and moth
Birds, plants, trees, water bodies, and nests
And homes of these lovely beings and wonders of nature
Experience the oneness of life in hearts,
How beautiful their hearts expand as they grow
How they become sensible individuals no matter what career they choose in life