About Karma

Surrender to divine when heart is broken
You don’t have to take weapon against the enemies
Leave the slightest thought of revenge and forgive them
Make them your friends and wait my dear
Karma will give them what they owe
And you have to be on their side to console them
Let they themselves realise their wrong doings
Let the Karma teach them
No one is spared from the hands of Karma
If they are lucky, they will learn and evolve into enlightenment
For the path of enlightenment is open to all,
And sometimes for someone, a little darkness and pain needed
To value the light which was always with them,
And which otherwise was so easy to earn with a compassionate heart which they lacked blinded by desire

11 thoughts on “About Karma

  1. The soul
    the ghost
    is in us

    what i can’t change
    lust for murder
    I have to and want to endure

    more important
    as the pointing finger
    the other one

    is to come to an understanding
    by the soul
    through dreams

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