There is more in unsaid words
There is more dissolved in breath
There is more still not expressed
Let it be like that beloved
For there is no me,
There is no you
There is only love
As vast as space
As deep as sea…

Let’s all Unite

Seeing, reading, and experiencing stillness

Through the words of my dearest divine souls here,

I am smiling and sending love and peace to all of you

Let’s all unite in stillness this moment


Let Peace Be Restored – Twitter Poem

Being friendly to both Russia and Ukraine, it hurts me to see the long ongoing war and bloodshed. I still hope a wise friendly talk could end the war and regain peace among these friends.

Secret of Karma Yoga

Note: The following is for those who wishes to get out of the cycle of birth and death. This may not find interesting to those who wish to gain money, positions, and recognitions through work and not for those who wishes to gain powers through yoga and meditation 🙏

Dear ones, I feel to share with you the secret of liberation through Karma yoga which you can experience yourself any moment even in the middle of your day to day life and work. Each activity/work holds the secret of “stillness of mind” which could be experienced if you could approach the work with complete focus and dedication. While you do work, dissolve yourself completely in work so that your mind doesn’t get any chance to go out and roam around. At the very moment of your full concentration in work, mind becomes still and you could experience the bliss which is always present in your heart and which remained unrecognised only because your mind wasn’t still. Liberation is here and now. Once you are ready to walk this path, not even Karma binds you given you focus on work with full focus without getting anxious about results. With constant practice, the attachment to Karma breaks and Karma happens through you naturally and beautifully. Let us experience liberation here and now while living our given life wherever we are. This is the simplest meditation which you can do anytime at any place. All places are sacred, all time is sacred and most importantly we all are sacred.

Thank you 😊🙏

Thanking my Lord, my Soul

Thank you for the pains I feel in body
Thank you for the ups and downs in life
Thank you for giving me strength to say truth,
Thank you for making me stay strong when people leave me as I say truth
Thank you for giving me tests to stay focused within
Thank you for showing me the real faces of people whom I trust once
Thank you making me cry to wash the worries out
For without all this, I would have lived comfortably forgetting my lord
And believed blindly in the colours of worldly life
Thank you for giving me the greatest luck to feel you within as the soul in me and as me
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

Tad Twam Asi

यद् पूर्णम्

यद् स्वप्रकाश्यम्‌

यद् अखण्डानन्दम्

यद् शोकरहितम्

यद् पूर्णसुखम्

यद् प्राप्य त्रिप्तिर् भवति

यद् प्राप्य शान्तिर् भवति

तद् ब्रह्मम्

तद् मोक्षम्

तद् त्वम् असि

Meaning: That which is complete

That which is self effulgent

That which is unlimited joy

That which is devoid of worry

That which is of complete bliss

Reaching which one is satisfied

Reaching which one feels peaceful

That is brahmam

That is liberation

That is you 😊🙏

A small attempt to write a Sanskrit poem with the help of bhagavan and Google Sanskrit translator 😊🙏