Cherish the little silent moments watching nightly sky

Feel hopeful on seeing stars even in the darkest of nights

Let you be embraced by the cool nightly breeze

Smile at the fireflies who are the stars coming down to earth to remind you to smile


Magic of Night

Watching moving clouds in nightly sky
With few stars smiling among clouds
Cool breeze dancing around
Fireflies saying “Hi”
I am relaxing in the magic of night 🌃🌜😇

It’s all Here

Visited many holy places to feel divine

Read many different books to know the truth

Practiced some yoga to learn stability

Tried few meditations to gain focus

At a blessed moment, found it’s all here

In the lotus of my heart

No more wandering here and there

Guru Within Us All

Here is the resting place
Here is the place of unadulterated joy
Here is the place of continuous bliss
Here is the place which helps you forget even the deepest pains
Here is the place always within your heart

Here is the Guru

Here and now, just look within
Experience the bliss as yourself
Happy Guru Poornima dear all 😊🙏🕊️💞

Get up my Darling

While we practice spirituality through the path of Bhakti yoga, Njana yoga, Raja yoga, Karma yoga or a combination of this, sometimes we fall down from the practices in certain life situations. It’s ok, it can happen. It is quite natural. But, as soon as one recognise one fell down, get up without wasting time. Make the effort to step back into the practices. The lord who is within will surely help once the mind and intellect recognise what happened and sincerely take the effort to focus within. Dear ones, our almighty is always compassionate and is guiding us from within and around. Our dearest lord is there to catch us when we fall. Just trust almighty and stay blessed. May we all experience unlimited bliss here and now 😊🙏🕊️❤️