Bliss of Beingness

Staying as blissful presence in stillness,

I am that

While body is undergoing changes with time,

I am that changeless being

While mind wavers under different emotions,

I am the stillness presence

Blissful and eternal

Astral Friends

Leaving insincere friends,
I flew up and made friends with stars and moon
They listen me even in the darkest of nights
Sometimes, they go behind the clouds,
Yet they are there always with compassionate smiles

Truth will Win

Seen few wolfs in clothes of sheep

I just walked among them

Got wounded sometimes

Yet, I observed them closely without fear

Found their huge supporters

Found how they are taking benefits of law

Found their crooked way of changing lies to truths and truths to lies

Found their vulnerabilities

They can even close the eyes of law who is already blind towards many innocents

Yet I am not doing anything

For I know clearly time is sharpening the arrows

When the right time comes, everything will happen on its own

No one can cheat innocents for long time

Even though little slow to attack, truth has great power

Truth will always win