A Serious Matter

It is frustrating to see some spiritual leaders, religious teachers, and school/college teachers are sexually abusing children and women. More frustrating is our Indian Law with its long procedures and loop holes which help culprits to escape and the victim not getting appropriate justice. More sexual frustration is seen among spiritual people and men above 45. Is it due to any hormonal problem among them? Or is it the influence of cheap and easy internet availability and mobiles, films, social medias? Or is it the influence of so called “bold, modern” celebrities (both young and old) showing skin in less cloth and posting their photos in social medias?

6 thoughts on “A Serious Matter

  1. I can no longer watch the award shows I used to enjoy because the female musicians seemingly wear less clothing every year which takes away from their performance. It’s unfortunate that the younger generations (many) idolize that.

    1. I can understand dear Tammy. Even though I am in young generation, I couldn’t digest people showing skin show in public. I feel if they wish to wear more skin showing clothes, let they wear it in home and in front of their dear ones, but why to post such photos in social medias and lure sexually frustrated people. There are many men who are pseudo feminist and supports other women about their dressing, social attitudes etc. while shows their perversion towards children and young women. I had some male friends and male cousins with such attitude and I blocked them forever. Some women and young girls think showing more skin is boldness as medias give them a “bold look” title. It’s their freedom to wear what they like, but they should remind people seeing it also have the freedom to think and say what they feel. When some advices them about modesty in dressing, they call these people “old generation”. It is mostly the normally dressed young children and young women who were being abused and not these “exposed bold” celebrities.

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