Few Solutions for Unemployment Problem in India

Yesterday I saw in Twitter and today in the front page of Newspaper about Congress party of India celebrating National Unemployment day in India yesterday on our prime minister Modiji’s birthday.

I have seen photos of educated youngsters standing with Rahul Gandhiji on his way of Bharat Jodo Yatra. Let me tell you I am not against or supportive of any political parties. I am discussing here about unemployment problem.

I am from a middle class family with both parents government servants and both retired from good positions. From my school days I heard teachers and friends telling me it will be easy for me to get job as my parents are in government service without knowing the reality of examinations and interviews to pass through, political interference, caste preferences in government job sector etc.

Since we are in forward caste, we need good marks to earn a government job. I also had hard times during school days because of my parents’ transfers, busy job, holiday duties etc. even though they earned well. Since both of my parents are honest and sincere in their works and against corruption, they had to face few issues at offices too which they faced strongly there, but we children only saw their stress. Due to this from my teenage I decided not to join any government service in Kerala.

I earned my Microbiology graduation and during my last year of graduation, earned a job in Technopark Trivandrum by applying in Naukri.com and undergoing tests and interview. As soon as I finished my studies, I joined the company for training and got job there.

After some years, I did my MBA in marketing through ICFAI through distant education and applied and got a good earning job in another MNC in Technopark. There were four rounds interview and then client interview. But due to continuous night shift, my health got bad and I had to resign from there. I then worked with my earlier company manager from home and earned well.

Due to change in work policies and contracts, we lost that work and we had hard times with less work. I then joined Tea Tasting course and got a job in Tea Industry. After three weeks in that job, I realised the dirty politics, gender inequality, and backstabbing culture there and I resigned.

I then tried building up my own tea brand “Compassionatea” and started seeing experiences real challenges of an entrepreneur in Kerala where we need to give money to many government officials to get licence to start a business here and also lots of tests. On the other hand, worker wages are high too and difficult to get a good worker. I then decided to do my tea business on own while rejoining my Medical transcription job.

I had to compete with big Tea brands and just selling tea once in a while now when I get an order online. If I have to put my Tea on shops, I have to give them money to promote my brand. Lots of money included and I decided to do online sales only.

During all this time, I have talked with people from different fields and found there are ample work options in our country, but the problem is dirty office politics, caste based partiality in government jobs, manipulating bosses in private sector, shift system, etc. I also found those students who are bright in studies and also with average marks, but having good interpersonal skills getting jobs as soon as they pass out.

It doesn’t matter if you have doctorate in a subject and lacks good communication skills and also unwillingness to work in a field different from your studies. Lots of MNCs are here and recruitments happening. One can apply, undergo tests and interview and if not getting a job, take it as experience and earn some skills and apply next job. No one is here to give you jobs. You have to earn it with your effort.

In the beginning, pay may be less in many jobs, but with experience you can earn more. Also, you may try other jobs too with your experience and knowledge. It’s just foolishness and waste of your time writing only government job exams. You can definitely give it a try and if you don’t get it, try other jobs and in between write the exams.

Here in India, we are still depending on other countries for many things. With our educated and skillful youth, many things can be produced here. One can start growing vegetables/fruits organically and sell at good prices in cities. One can work in shopping malls. One can work in food/medicine/essential goods delivery. One can make homemade food/cosmetics/crafts etc and sell at exhibitions, online etc. One can start YouTube channel and get good revenue from it if you have good contents.

Lots of options are there to have a job here and earn well. Learn skills apart from the studies, have a mindset to put efforts to do any work, think differently. There are customers with good spending capacity and for a quality product/work, they will be ready to pay well. Try different options.

I hope this can help someone who is jobless right now. It’s not easy, but with effort and skill, surely you can get a job and earn a living and grow through it if you have an open mind. Stay positive, we are all here to support you.


12 thoughts on “Few Solutions for Unemployment Problem in India

  1. Lessons for Lifetime. Don’t give up, do what makes you happy in a comfortable way. Of course money talks most of the time but talent remains the property of individuals. No one helps we must help ourselves. Keep going and wish you more. Happy sunday. Cheers.

  2. There may be opportunities but are there the right ones, commonsarate to one’s education. Why you think youngsters are migrating to other countries in thousands and it only seems to accelerate with each passing year. Nowadays students after completing plus 2 go abroad to do graduation and there are few takers for under-graduate courses like BA and B.com in the country.

    1. What is the problem in youngsters migrating to other countries for job? Ultimately every one needs money to earn food, place to live and spend for fulfilling their desires. Those who have skills and money from parents, go and study abroad, earn a job there and live well. B. Com and B.A. students or passouts can work in Swiggy, Zomato, delivery partners for Flipkart, Amazon, work in malls, etc. Also MNCs like Infosys, Allianz, Sutherland etc takes graduates of any stream if they have good communication skills. Mindset of people needs to be changed as challenges of today’s world are new and are the solutions. Every job has its own dignity.

  3. Mindset of people to work in different fields other than their education is much needed if they need to survive in today’s world rather than wasting time in protesting and showing off there is unemployment problem here.

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